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Images of Norfolk Co. VA Wills, Estates #vagenealogy #virginiapioneersnet

Norfolk County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Deeds, Marriages, Indexes to Probate Records

Norfolk VirginiaIf you have Virginia ancestors, Norfolk is one of the first counties to research. The earliest records survived, thus providing a scope of genealogical discoveries. Norfolk County was created in 1691 and existed as a county until 1963 when it was consolidated with the city of South Norfolk to form the new City of Chesapeake. After the American Civil War, for a period of about 100 years, portions of Norfolk County were lost and the territory of the county reduced as they became parts of the separate and growing independent cities of Norfolk, Portsmouth and South Norfolk. Many of the earliest records did not survive, but Bks have been published on Lower Norfolk County. 

Suggested Books: Lower Norfolk County, Virginia Court Records: Bk A, 1637-1646 and Bk B, 1646-1651/2; Historical Southern Families by Boddie; Transcription of Lower Norfolk County, Virginia Records. Volume One: Wills & Deeds, Bk D, 1656-1666 by Brayton. 

Historical Tidbits: During 1666, Walter Bruce of Nansemond County who had married the widow of Thomas Sayer, one of the most prominent citizens of Lower Norfolk, increased his stepchildren's estates by presenting them with a considerable number of cattle. His wife sold four of these during his absence from Virginia to meet the expense of sending her daughter to school. By the terms of the will of John Russell, his daughter was to continue to be educated until she should marry. 

Sources: Lower Norfolk Records, vol. 1656-66, p. 438. 

Norfolk County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Miscellaneous Probate Records

1674 Court Orders, Bk E, pp. 124
1675 Court Orders, Bk E, pp. 124-126
Bouring, John (1672 LWT) Order Bk E, pp. 124
Connor, Lewis and Henry Jenkins and Elizabeth Lawson, 1709, Deed Bk 8, pp. 154-156
Corbett, John and Sarah. Transaction dated 1669, Order Bk E, pp. 123A
Johnson, Benjamin and Osborn Johnson (Land Transaction), Order Bk E, pp. 124
Mackie, Josias, LWT (transcription)
Shore, Dishard married Relict of Thomas Watkings (transaction dated 1/1669, Order Bk E, pp. 124
Smith, Humphrey. Transaction dated 1669, Order Bk E, pp. 123
Thoroughgood, Margery (Deposition dated 1669, Order Bk E, pp. 123
Wickliff, Mary. Deposition dated 1669, Order Bk E, pp. 123
Willoughby, Thomas (1671 Inventory) Order Bk E, pp. 125-6
Wood, John. Transaction dated 1/1669, Order Bk E, pp. 124 

  • Marriages (taken from Gates County Marriage Bonds)
  • Marriages to 1699
  • Marriage Bonds 1706 to 1759
  • Marriage Register 8, 1901-1911
  • Marriage Register 9, 1911 to 1912
Indexes to Wills and Deeds
  • 1646 to 1651
  • 1651 to 1656
  • 1656 to 1666
  • 1666 to 1675
  • 1719 to 1723
  • 1721 to 1725
  • 1742 to 1749
  • 1747 to 1759
  • 1725 to 1730
  • Wills 1755 to 1772
  • Wills 1760 to 1762
Images of Norfolk County Wills 1651 to 1656 
Testators: Chessey, Thomas | Cossan, Thomas | Fowler, Robert | Gilham, Thomas | Godby, Thomas | Goodwell, Edward | Gouldinge, John | Henrys, Robert | Moseley, William | Nordham, Thomas | Powes, Robert | Riglesworth, Peter | Sherwood, Samuel | Sibsey, John | Starling, James | Ward, Thomas | Wilkinson, Arnall | Woodhouse, Henry | Workman, Thomas | Wright, Thomas . . . more . . .

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