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Images of Rockbridge County VA Wills, Estates #vagenealogy #virginiapioneersnet

Rockbridge County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Tax Digests

Natural Bridge, Virginia

It is said that George Washington was one of the surveyors of the region of Natural Bridge. Rockbridge County was established in October, 1777 from parts of now neighboring Augusta and Botetourt counties, and the first county elections were held in May 1778. Rockbridge County was formed during an Act of Assembly intended to reduce the amount of travel to the nearest courthouse, and to ensure trials were held fairly, and among friends rather than strangers. The first court session in Rockbridge County was held at the home of Samuel Wallace on April 7, 1778. Rockbridge County was named after Natural 5ridge, a beautiful landmark in the southern portion of the county.

Rockbridge County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Tax Digests

  • 1802 to 1814 ( images)


  • Militia of 1796


  • Abstracts 1778-1792

Images of Wills 1797 to 1806

Testators: Alexander, William ;Anderson, James ;Andrews, Mary ;Barclay, Hugh ;Bell, James ;Campbell, Andrew ;Clung, James ;Cofwell, Valentine ;Cowan, Samuel ;Crawford, James ;Cunningham, Thomas ;Davidson, John ;Dickson, James ;Dickson, Patrick ;Dunlap, John ;Edmundson, Agness ;Ellios, James ;Ethany, Robert ;Fulton, Francis ;Gabert, Matthias ;Garvin, Thomas ;Gay, John ;Hall, Andrew ;Harper, Rev. James Sr. ;Jamison, William ;Johnson, Zechariah ;Keys, Samuel ;Lair, John ;Lloyd, Elizabeth ;Lowry, Peter ;Martin, Jean ;McCalpin, William ;McCroskey, Alexander ;McCulley, Robert ;McFarland, Robert ;McLaughlin, Edward ;Miller, Mary ;Moore, Elizabeth ;Moore, William ;Naughton, John ;Ocheltree, James ;Patterson, Samuel ;Pettycrew, James ;Poage, John ;Porter, John ;Porter, William ;Priestly, William ;Reed, Joseph ;Richey, James ;Scott, Thomas ;Sproull, William ;Stoops, Robert ;Thompson, William ;Troxal, Abraham ;Taylor, Elizabeth ;Taylor, George ;Taylor, James ;Thompson, John ;Tooly, Elizabeth ;Walker, John ;Walker, Mary ;Weir, James ;Weir, John ;Wiley, Alexander ;Willey, John ;Willson, Samuel ;Wilson, William

Images of Wills 1806 to 1811

Testators: Bailey, James ;Beard, Hugh ;Beard, Sarah ;Black, Henry ;Bowyer, John ;Cowman, John ;Crawford, Michael ;Cummins, John ;Cunningham, Thomas ;Dickson, James ;Douglas, James ;Dunlap, Ann ;Garvin, Sarah ;Giner, Lodowick ;Goodbar, Joseph ;Harper, James ;Hays, John ;Hodge, James ;Hodge, Mary ;Hollis, William ;Holmes, Gabriel ;Hopkins, James ;Houston, Ann ;Houston, Samuel ;Hoytman, Philip ;Hulman, Christopher ;Hutchison, Robert ;Johnston, James ;Layhern, John ;Lee, Martin ;Mackey, John ;McCampbell, John ;McComb, William  . . .more . . .

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