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Galts Mill in Amherst County #virginiapioneersnet #vagenealogy

Galts Mill

Galts MillGalt's Mill was built in 1813 as a mill complex in Madison Heights, and is a two-story brick structure. Other additions to the complex were gradually added, including the Aqueduct, Train Bridge, Railroad, Boathouse, Home House, Miller House and Millrace and Dam Ruins. Originally, it was over 5 stories high, but during the 1950s lowered its present height. It remained in operation until about 1956. Today, there remains several abandoned houses and structures. The mill sits at the mouth of Stovall Creek (now Beck Creek) on the James River on land patented to George Stovall during the 18th century. The Stovall family also operated a ferry across the James River beginning in 1755. In 1785, the Stovall family sold 340 acres along the river to William Galt who went on to acquire some 1800 acres of land along the river for his mill. William Galt (1753-1825) came to Virginia from Scotland as an itinerant peddler who traveled up and down the James River and built a large complex on the James River and Kanawha Canal. Additionally, the Richmond and Alleghany Railroad line made its stop in the village which had emerged around the mill. At his death, Galt was considered one of the wealthiest men in Virginia.

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