Thursday, October 11, 2018

Social Media Mud Slides

Social Media Mud Slides: The Shut Down of Google +

Social Media Mud Slides
The devotion to social media is becoming tedious. We are seeing our work go down the drain. The time and effort used to build communities and friendships is evaporating into a fine mist of nothing. Google + has announced that it shutting down its social media program.
Unfortunately, we genealogists have already lost most of our Facebook contacts. Unless you want to continuously pay for Facebook “boosts”, looks like the hey dey of sharing family history via Facebook is in a down hill mud spiral.
And the crashing down is not over. If you have inserted FB and Google+ icons on your webpage, it is time to remove them. Perhaps this is a bitter lesson for not adding fad media buttons.
I am urging my contacts to stay in touch by joining the Genealogy History Blog
A great deal of helpful tips and historical information is provided daily. Indeed, you will learn the names of persons who left wills and estates for a number of States and Counties, as well as some interesting details concerning historical events in which your ancestors participated. Just tons of information is available on this blog!
Also, there is a new social media out there which is free of ads and easy to post. I will be happy to answer genealogy questions on Actually, if it catches on, this is a good posting media for genealogists who are anxious to share and/or searching for answers.

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