Thursday, July 27, 2017

General Lafayette Returned to Virginia #genealogy #virginiapioneersnet

General Lafayette Returned to Virginia in 1824

Old Richmond City HallThe memory of General Marquis de Lafayette arriving in the Yorktown harbor to ensure the American victory still resides in the hearts of Americans. His fight at Yorktown was the beginning of freedom for the American colonies, but earlier on Lafayette had also fought in the crucial Battle of Brandywine in Pennsylvania. Afterward the war, he returned to his home in France and forty years passed. He was in France pursuing a political career which championed the American ideals of Liberty. While the Bourbon constitutional monarchy had been in place in France for at least ten years, during the spring of 1824, King Louis XVIII was wheelchair-bound and suffered from severe health issues which would prove fatal by late summer. So, during that year, the last surviving French General decided to make a tour of the then twenty-four American States and to make as many stops as possible. He left France on the American merchant vessel Cadmus on July 13th. The tour commenced on August 15, 1824 upon his arrival in Staten Island, New York. It was the welcome of a hero everywhere that he went. He was accompanied by his son, Georges Washington de La Fayette and spent most of the journey on stagecoach, horseback, canal barge and steamboat. And finally, he arrived in Richmond, Virginia in October to a celebration held in his honor at the old Richmond City Hall.   Chesterfield County Wills and Estates

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