Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Flower de Luce #history #genealogy

The Flower de Luce 

vesselsThe Flower de Lucewas a shipping vessel which transported persons and supplies into the colony of Virginia. One of its major merchants was George Menefie of James City, Virginia who gave his deposition in March of 1640, while a resident of the parish of St. Helens in London. At the time he stated that he was forty years of age. more The testimonies of a number of passengers was such that it was the opinion that if the vessel were not pumped day and night, that it would sink. Thomas Davis of Chuckatuck, Virgiia, also a merchant, aged 26, and others were on the voyage with George Menefie, apparently onboard the sister shipBonny Bess, as well as Mr. Hugh Weston and Mr. Zachary Flute also en route to Virginia. Flute had already transported over one hundred persons onboard the Marchant's Hope on July 31 of 1635 and made his testimony before the Minister of Gravesend, as well as the ship's manifest. Source: English Adventurers and Emigrants, Vol. I, by Peter Wilson Coldham; Public Record Office, London.

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