Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Boundary Changes in Virginia #genealogy #history

Boundary Changes Gave some of Nansemond County to North Carolina 

Nansemond RiverRichard Parker patented 314 acres of land in Surry County on Blackwater Creek in 1670 and 100 acres in Nansemond County at Hood's Neck in 1676. In 1681, the three sons of Richard, viz: Thomas, Richard and Francis, were granted 1420 acres of land on the South branch of the Nansemond River at Parker's Creek left them by their father. Another, John Gordon received a land grant in 1701 for 330 acres on Orapeak Swamp in Upper Parish of Nansemond County. In 1728 the North Carolina boundary line was re-surveyed and a strip of 15 miles deep was added to North Carolina. That made the land fall into North Carolina, and Gates County is where the genealogist will discover the site of former homes of early colonists to Nansemond County. 

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