Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Results of a Death-Bed Last Will and Testament #genealogy #history

A Death-Bed Nun-cupative Left Orphans to be Apprenticed

Meherrin RiverIn 1707 Lewis Williams was involved in a boundary dispute, being the owner of land on the Meherrin River since 1679. It is obvious from the disputes that Williams was unable to inhabit his plantation because of Indian problems. He stated that his son, William, was definitely residing on the plantation in 1710 when the dispute mentioned his house. On June 16, 1679 in Surry County Robert Ruffin declared that when he was in the home of Lewis Williams on Lawnes Creek Parish (lately deceased) that Mrs. Williams directed on his death bed that he gave his son to the care of William Newsum and his girls to Sion Hill. His wife and daughter-in-law (Mary) were to go with Mr. Thompson and his other daughters-in-law were to be directed by his wife. However, the wife died and the child went to Mrs. Edwards of Surry County. This situation occurred because Lewis Williams had not issued a last will and testament and his death-bed wishes served as anun-cupative will.
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