Friday, March 31, 2017

Researching Records in Chancery Court #genealogy

The Importance of Researching Records of the Chancery Court 

Chancery CourtGeorge Walton was the son of Lord Walton of England and was in Brunswick County as early as 1732. He was appointed the King's Justice at the first Court held in Brunswick County; High Sheriff in 1734 and took the oath of Judge of the Chancery Court in 1746. He also served in the Virginia Colonial Militia of 1748. Genealogists should understand the functions of the Chancery Court. It was a court of equity in England and Wales which handled social claims of the common law and helped to dispatch instances which might have been handled with much delay by higher courts. The rules were not as harsh and the purpose was to restore equity to its citizens having jurisdiction over all matters of equity, including trusts, land law, the administration of the estates of lunatics and the guardianship of infants. The role of the chancellor was for the justice to be the keeper of the King's justice. The American Chancery Courts were basically the same, more like a Superior Court. For genealogists, it is a very important source of personal information concerning the residents of certain counties or districts. 

County and Probate Records to Help you Find your Virginia Ancestors

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