Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Quaker Settlements in Virginia #genealogy #history #virginiapioneers.net

Waters Dunn

QuakersWaters Dunn was born a Quaker in South Farnham Parish, Essex County, Virginia. As a young man he had a conflict with his father concerning some debts which he owed. Before removing away from home, Waters Dunn had an auction wherein his father purchased three slaves. When the father died, he specified in his last will and testament that those three slaves were only being "lent" to Waters until he paid certain debts. About 1760, a group of families led by Waters Dunn migrated to Halifax County, Virginia and then on to Pittsylvania and Henry Counties. Five years later, Waters Dunn purchased 405 acres in Pittsylvania County. It appears as though he had accumulated several hundred acres back in South Farnham Parish. When he died, his last will and testament implied these lands "the remainder of my estate lying in any part whatsoever." Waters Dunn followed the Quakers into Columbia County, Georgia where he died in 1803. 

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