Monday, February 20, 2017

A Good Deal for Bloggers. Act Now and Save Money!

A special deal for bloggers.
Since 2012, the VirginiaPioneers blog has published long lists of the names of testators in old wills and estates and other genealogical information to assist the researcher in locating ancestors.  We hope that the information is helpful.  Henceforth, we will publish every Monday, and continue to include the names of those who had wills and estates in Virginia as well as all updates to the Virginia Pioneers website,  tips, information on Virginia families, and historical articles.  To celebrate all of this hard work, Pioneer Families LLC is offering a good deal to genealogists!

If you act act now, you can have access to 8 Genealogy Websites, viz: Georgia PioneersKentucky PioneersNorth Carolina PioneersSouth Carolina PioneersVirginia PioneersSoutheastern Genealogy (Alabama and Tennessee)Georgia School Graduates from ca 1818, and Genealogy-Books for 18 months (instead of 12).  Also, bloggers may sign up for the reoccurring subscription with PayPal and always get 18 months and the same low rate.  Note: This offer will expire soon.

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