Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wigwam Plantation #history #genealogy

Wigwam Plantation of Chula, Virginia 

Historical MarkerThe former home of Governor William B. Giles is surrounded by over 100 acres of farmland. It consists 18-rooms and under a gable roof and dormers. The house originally had 5 full baths, and includes 4 chimneys that serve 13 fireplaces. There are 65 windows in all, 17 of which are dormers. A window in a room in the basement has bars with attached shackles, and is thought to have been used to secure Union army prisoners in the War Between the States. After the governor died, the family of William Henry Harrison consisting of seven children resided there. A grandson of Harrison acquired the home temporarily in the 1960s in order to effect its restoration.

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