Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Good Servant of Governor Yeardley #history #genealogy

The Good Servant of Governor Yeardley

Weyandoke PlantationThomas Dunn came to Virginia when he was sixteen years old at the servant of Sir George Yeardley, Knight, Governor and Captain-General of Virginia. He was listed on the Muster of persons residing at Flower Dieu Hundred in 1623, being situated on the southside of the James River and being part of the Weyanoke Plantation, the home of Governor Yeardley. The home was on the border of Charles City County, later Surry County. Dunn must have earned good standing with his betters, because when Robert Burgess died in 1683, he left his land to Thomas Dunn, the son of John Dunn Sr. of Surry County. Later, in 1700, Thomas Dunn of Martins Brandon Parish in Charles City County, planter, sold this same land gien to him by Burgess.

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