Wednesday, November 30, 2016

English Clerics in Colonial Virginia #history #virginiapioneersnet

Jeannette Holland AustinClerics from England
By Jeannette Holland Austin

Rev. Benjamin Doggett came from Ipswich, England to Virginia. He was a minister in Lancaster County and died in 1682. His baptism of Benjamin Doggett is recorded in the Register of St. Mary-le-Tower Church in Ipswich, Suffolk. Benjamin was the youngest of six children of William Doggett, serving as a churchwarden when Benjamin was born. Otherwise, he was a merchant of Woolen and other fabrics in Ipswich. According to the records of St. Johns College and the University of Cambridge, Benjamin attended a private school in Westminster (London) and his headmaster was Mr. Crouch. In 1654 He was admitted to St. Johns College, University of Cambridge and was matriculated on 7 April 1655. Source: Origins available to members of Virginia Pioneers.

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