Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Buttons in the 17th Century #history #virginiapioneernet

17th century buttons17th Century Buttons
By Jeannette Holland Austin (profile)
There were a number of merchants in England who transacted business with the Virginia colonists. Mr. Isaac Cullen kept a store and was the agent of John Harris and John Cooper, merchants of England, in 1675. The goods which he kept were canvas, cottons, hollands, kerseys, Scotch cloth, jeans, broadcloth, blue linen, tape, ribbon, thread, buttons, combs, hose, shoes and other articles for wear. Likewise, the store kept by Colonel Francis Eppes of Henrico County discloses (in 1678) had a more extensive inventory consisting of 120 ells of dowlas (linen), 51 ells of oznaburg, 60 ells of canvas, 312 ells of holland and 80 yards of table and napkin diaper. Source: Records of Henrico County, vol. 1677-1692.

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