Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The First State House in Jamestown #history #genealogy

The First State House

First State HouseThere is the group of three brick edifices which comprised the "First State House" in Virginia. The three cellars and their long walls were excavated. The structure was originally two storeys and garret high. The down-river, or eastern section, and the central portion, were erected about 1635 by Governor John Harvey and were used as the capitol building of the Colony from 1641 for fifteen years. The up-river section was built before 1655 by Sir William Berkeley. But by 1670 the whole pile, with its three front gables facing the James River was burned during the Rebellion of Nathaniel Bacon against the Royal Governor. The unit floor plan comprised a hall and parlor with back-to-back fireplaces and a very narrow passageway running the length of the building on one side. It was quite similar to the typical London city house, Tudor in appearance with wrought-iron hardware. Such items as Cock's Head hinges, leaded lattice casements, and great rim locks with eight-inch keys were dug up. 

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