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The Historic Ride of Jack Jouett #history #genealogy #virginiapioneersnet

The Face of Jack Jouett was Scarred for Life
By Jeannette Holland Austin
Jeannette Holland Austin
Jack Jouett was at the site of the Cuckoo Tavern (a square, red-brick house, located on the road from Louisa County to Charlottesville) when he learned that The British General "Butcher" Tarleton was approaching. Thus, he began a forty mile ride to Monticello to warn Thomas Jefferson and the members of the Virginia Assembly (recently removed from Richmond) of the advancing troops. His father kept Jouett Tavern (later the Red Lands Club) in Charlottesville, within a stone's throw of the Monticello Hotel. Jouett was able to out distance the aggressive Tarleton by taking unfrequented lanes and side paths, through thorns and brambles, and it is said that, to the day of his death, Jack Jouett's face was scarred from custs and scratches received on his ride. Thomas Jefferson later introduced a resolution to Congress that a pair of pistols and sword be given to the heroic rider, but eight years passed before he received but a sword. After warning Jefferson, Jouell rode to Castle Hill. Some people believe that Tarleton was delayed at her mansion because Mrs. Walker had given orders that everything possible be done to delay Tarleton. The rumor has it that he ate two breakfasts. Source: Historic Houses of Early America by Lathrop.

Cuckoo Tavern
The point from which Jack Jouett began his heroic ride.

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