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John Mercer of Marlborough VA - Stafford Co. Wills, Estates, 1699 to 1763 #Genealogy

John Mercer of Marlborough, Virginia

By Jeannette Holland Austin Jeannette Holland Austin(profile)

John Mercer, ca 1750. George Mason III, son of late sheriff and ordinary keeper in the port town of Marlborough petitioned the court, together with Rice Hooe, "that Leave may be given to bring in a Bill to enable them to sell the said Land belonging to the town, the same not being built upon or Inhabited." The petition was put aside to be considerated, however on May 21, 1723 it was "Ordered That Rice Hooe and George Mason be at liberty to withdraw their petition." This was about the time that John Mercer arrived in the vicinity and settled in Marlborough. Mercer was born 1704 in Ireland and was the son of a Church Street merchant of English descent (also named John Mercer) and his wife, Grace Fenton Mercer. John received his education at Trinity College before sailing for the New World in 1720. John MercerHe kept journals of his experience in the New World. From his second journal, he was engaged in miscellaneous trading, sailing up and down the rivers in his sloop and exchanging goods along the way. By 1725 he had accumulated 322 pds. worth of tobacco which was located inside a warehouse at the falls of the Rappahannock River. On June 10th he was married to the sister of George Mason, Catherine which occasion was celebrated at the home of Mrs. Ann Fitzhugh in King George County with the Reverend Alexander Scott of Overwharton Parish in Stafford County officiating. Thus, age the young age of twenty one years, Mercer became allied to the old established aristocracy of the Fitzhughs. During 1725 Mercer pressed ahead with his trading enterprises. From his journal it is learned that he sold Richard Ambler of Yorktown 710 pds of raw Deerskins for 35 pds. 10 shillings and purchased 200 pds. of sundry goods from Ambler as well. Between October 1725 and February 1726 he sold a variety of furnishings and equipment to Richard Johnson, ranging from a horsewhip and a silk rug, shoemaker knives and an ivory Comb. In return he received two hogsheads of tobacco, a gallon of cider, and raw and dressed deerskins. At the time, the only house standing at Marlborough was that which had been built by Thomas Ballard in 1708. It was inherited by his godson David Waugh, who now apparently offered to allow his niece Catherine and her new husband occupy it. Mercer later referred to it as "the House I lived in built by Ballard." In 1725 he purchased from his wife Catherine 885 acres of land near Potomac Church for 221 pds. and another tract of 1610 acres on Potomac Run for 322 pds. His journal recorded that he moved to Marlborough in 1726. 

From his own words written toward the end of his life when he was not overburdened with wealth:
"Except my education I never got a shilling of my fathers or any other relations estate, every penny I ever got has been by my own industry and with as much fatigue as most people have undergone." Source: The Cultural History of Marlborough, Virginia by C. Malcolm Watkins.

Stafford County Genealogy, Wills, Marriages, Probate Records

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Stafford County is located across the Rappahannock River from the City of Fredericksburg. The county seat is Stafford.

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Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Stafford Wills (1722-1729)
Miscellaneous Wills, Estates

Clement, Edward (LWT) 1733
Elzey, Margaret, deceased (1730) (Image)
Fudd, Michael (Inventory) ca 1733
Grigsby, Charles, LWT (1740) (image)
Grigsby, John, LWT (1728) (image)
Johnson, Booford, estate, inventory (1740) (image)
Mauzy, Peter, orphan (image)


Marriages to 1699

Images of Wills 1699 to 1709
Testators: Alexander, Robert; Ashton, James, estate; Beath, Peter; Benson, Hugh; Bland, James; Brent, George; Brewton, John; Buckner, Philip; Cornwall, Ann; Enno, George; Farlow, Ann; Fitzhugh, William; Harman, Christopher; Harwood, William; Harvey, John; Jenkins, David; King, William ;Littlejohn, Oliver; Mann, James; Martin, Richard ;Matheny, William ;Pickett, Joyce ;Richardson, William ;Taylor, Edward ;Thomson, William ;Vandagesteel, Giles ;Waller, William ;Williams, Anthony ;Withers, John (Captain) ;Wood, William
Images of Wills 1729 to 1748
Testators: Barrow, Abraham; Bayles, John; Boles, Thomas ; Brent, William ; Burras, Mary ;Butler, James ;Cave, William ;Chadwell, John ;Chalmers, John ;Claiborne, Thomas ;Collinsworth, Mary; Cooke, John ;Cosby, George ;Counts, Joseph ;Craford, John ;Croftrodge, Thomas ;Crowley, George ;Denny, James ;Derrick, Mattox ;Duncan, Thomas ;Ellit, Charles ;Fowke, Chandler ; French, Hugh ; Grant, Ann ; Gregg, Lucy ; Grigsby, John ; Grigsby, Thomas ; Higgerson, John ; Hore, Elias ;Howard, John ; Hurst, John ; Jeffrice, Thomas ; Joanes, John ; Jones, Susan ; Keen, Matthew ; Massey, Dodd ; Masters, Thomas ; Mealy, Daniel ; Mees, Mary ; Ponton, Edward ; Powel, Grace ;Scott, Alexander ;Scott, William ;Seaton, James ;Todd, Richard ;Warner, John ;Waugh, John ;Waugh, Joseph ;Wheeler, John ;Wigginton, William ;Withers, James
Images of Wills 1748 to 1763 
Testators: Alexander, Philip ;Allan, George ;Anderson, John S. ;Barbee, Thomas ;Baxter, William ;Bosholl, Edward ;Brent, Charles ;Brout, Hannah ;Brown, John ;Buckner, John ;Burge, Edward ;Carter, William ;Chambers, Daniel ;Chapman, Taylor ;Chinn, Rawleigh ;Clifton, Burdit ;Colclough, Rachel ;Conway, Sarah ;Cook, Fravors ;Dade, Cadwallader ;Dade, Townshend ;Dade, Laughton ;Denaugh, Morrice ;Durrcom, Benjamin; Eaves, Thomas ;Edwards, Ignatius ;Findley, Mary ;Fitzhugh, Henry ;Fletcher, George; Foley, John ;French, Daniel ;Grady, Patrick; Grafford, Mary ;Grigg, Nathan ;Grigsby, James ;Grigsby, Jane ;Hampton, William ;Harper, Thomas; Herod, John ;Hinson, Charles ; Hood, Rino ; Johnson, John ; Mathews, William ; Mauzy, Peter ;McCarty, Cornelius ;McGill, Sarah ;Minor, John ;Murray, Anthony ;Nelson, Henry Sr. ;Parkridge, Eleanor ;Patton, William ;Pearson, Hannah ;Persons, Ann ;Peyton, John ;Rhodes, John ;Rigsby, Alexander; Robinson, Henry ;Rogers, John ;Simpson, John ;Stuart, David ;Smith, John R. ;Sturdy, Robert ;Sudderth, James ;Sudderth, Robert ;Thomas, Benjamin ;Thornberry, Samuel ;Thornton, Anthony; Todd, Hayward ;Travors, Rawleigh ;Walker, William ;Waller, Charles ;Waller, Susannah ;Washington, Henry ;Washington, John ;Waugh, James ;Waugh, Mary ;Whitecotton, Sarah ;Williams, George ;Williams, Jennett ;Williams, Thomas

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