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Clerics from England - Lancaster Co. VA Wills, Estates #genealogy

Clerics from England
By Jeannette Holland Austin
Jeannette Holland Austin
Rev. Benjamin Doggett came from Ipswich, England to Virginia. He was a minister in Lancaster County and died in 1682. His baptism of Benjamin Doggett is recorded in the Register of St. Mary-le-Tower Church in Ipswich, Suffolk. Benjamin was the youngest of six children of William Doggett, serving as a churchwarden when Benjamin was born. Otherwise, he was a merchant of Woolen and other fabrics in Ipswich. According to the records of St. Johns College and the University of Cambridge, Benjamin attended a private school in Westminster (London) and his headmaster was Mr. Crouch. In 1654 He was admitted to St. Johns College, University of Cambridge and was matriculated on 7 April 1655. Source: Origins available to members of Virginia Pioneers. 

Lancaster County, Virginia Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Court House Records

Lancaster County Jail
Lancaster County was created in 1651 from Northumberland and York counties.

One of the most important personal estates which came before the court of Lancaster between 1690 and 1700 was that of John Carter, Sr., valued at 2260 pounds. Smaller estates in the counties of Lancaster and Westmoreland were those of David Myles, 320 pounds, John Washington, 377 pounds and John Pritchard, 476 pounds. In the case of the latter, the personalty included debts owed him of 30 pounds and 101,307 pounds of tobacco.

Sources: Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. II, p. 236; Records of Lancaster County, Vol. 1674-1687, p. 36 and 1675-1689, orders, 8 Feb 1674.

Lancaster County Court House Records available to members of Virginia Pioneers

  • Marriages to 1699
Miscellaneous Estates
  • Ball, Hannah, LWT (1694) (image)
  • Cheatwood, Thomas- Inventory of Estate (1678) (image)
  • Haynes, Thomas, LWT (1679) (image)
  • King, William, LWT
  • Pinckard, James, LWT (1751)
  • Pinckard, Mary, LWT (1749)
Digital Images of Wills 1700 to 1719
  • Ashford, John
  • Ball, Joseph
  • Batt, Margaret
  • Bostwick, Robert
  • Brightman, William
  • Burkley, Thomas
  • Bradley, John
  • Carter, Thomas
  • Chapman, William
  • Chappell, William
  • Chilton, George
  • Christian, Oliver
  • Clark, Nicholas
  • Davenport, William
  • Dillon, Stephen
  • Draper, Josias
  • Fox, Hanah
  • Garton, William
  • George, Nicholas
  • Glass, Joseph
  • Harrot, Thomas
  • Hart, John
  • Harvard, George
  • Heard, William
  • Hill, Job
  • Horton, Robert
  • James, Daniel
  • Kilgore, Peter
  • Ladner, Hugh
  • Landor, Duke
  • Laurie, John
  • Lawne, James
  • Lawson, Rowland
  • Lawne, John
  • Lot, Thomas
  • Lyne, Thomas
  • Margae, John
  • Mewzoy, David
  • Moore, Francis
  • Moore, John
  • Morinton, Thomas
  • Nash, William
  • Nickolson, Francis
  • Parfitt, Thomas
  • Payne, Richard
  • Pitman, John
  • Pollard, Robert
  • Price, Elinor
  • Roberson, Landers
  • Robinson, John
  • Rott, Brian
  • Sharp, John
  • Sharp, Margaret
  • Shaw, John
  • Stonum, Henry
  • Straton, James
  • Sweatman, John
  • Taylor, Job
  • Tillman, Elizabeth
  • Timson, Percival
  • Wales, Benjamin
  • Walis, Francis
  • Wells, Robert
  • Williams, Rodger
  • Wills, John
  • Wren, Nicholas
  • Wren, William
  • Young, Robert

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