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Which is Better: Beef or Bacon? Giles Co. Wills, Estates, Deeds - #genealogy #virginiapioneers.net

Which was Better: Beef or Bacon?
Jeannette Holland AustinBy Jeannette Holland Austin

The beef consumed in the Virginia colony was more lean than English meat. A cow or an ox designed for the butcher was allowed to run wild in the woods and was fed a little straw during the winter months. When spring finally arrived and the animal could graze on grass, it was quite lean. Nevertheless, pork was a different situation. 

Many hogs were raised on the farms and plantations and enjoyed by the colonists. In fact, before the close of the 17th century bacon was considered to be equal to that of Westphalia, the most celebrated town in the world for tasty bacon. Source: Clayton's Virginia, page 36. 

Giles County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Deeds, Indexes to Probate Records

Giles County
Giles County was established in 1806 from Montgomery, Monroe, Wythe, and Tazewell counties. The county seat is Pearisburg. The county was named for William Branch Giles, a member of the United States House of Representatives 1790 to 1815 and Virginia General Assembly from 1816 to 1822; later elected Governor in 1827. Giles County is included in the Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford, Virginia Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Estates, Deeds, Bonds, Guardianships 1805 to 1829
  • Wills, Estates, Deeds, Bonds, Guardianships 1829 to 1847
Giles County Wills, Estates, Inventories, Bonds, Deeds 1806 to 1829

Testators: Berden, Thomas | Biggs, John | Blake, James | Blake, John | Blankenship, John | Blankenship, Shadrake | Boyle, William | Bruce, William | Burk, Josiah | Burke, Thomas | Caldwell, Jacob | Chapman, George | Chapman, J. | Chapman, John | Clay (deed) Clay, Henry to Andrew Johnston | Clay, Mitchel Sr. | Cobun, Jeremiah Commack, John | Cooper, Jacoma | Copman (deed) | Corder, William, constable | Cormack, John | Darley, Hannah Dinger, Peter | Dunbar, Ephraim | Duncan to Duncan (deed) | Eagleson, William | Earickson, Matthew | Ebling, Paul | Echols, John | Eckholds, John | Farley, Judith Ferries, Robert | Fletcher, John | French, Matthew | French, Reuben | French, William | Grayham, Daniel | Gresham, Daniel | Guthrie, William | Hale, Edward | Hale, John | Hale, Vincent Harman, Henry | Harman, William | Harrison, John | Harrison, William | Heathington, Christopher | Hughs, George | Hunter, Mary to Andrew Crawford (deed) | Hunter, Peter | Hunter, Robert | Huson, Thomas | Hutchison, Robert | Johnson, John | Johnston, James | Karr, James | Kiffer, Jacob | Kipinger, John | Kirk, William | Larkin, John | Lucas, Charles | Lucas, David | Lucas, Edward | Lucas, Ralph | Lucas, William | Lybrook, George | Martin, Daniel | Maxey, Eli | Maxey, Elizabeth | McDonald, Lewis | McKinsey, Mordecai| Mollitt, Noah | Napier, P., bond for Constable | Patton, Thomas | Pearce, George | Peek, Benjamin | Peek, John | Perdue, James | Peters, John | Peters, Philip to William Smith (deed) | Pines, William | Price, Henry | Prince, William | Proutt, Henry | Rose, Obadiah | Sartain, John | Scholds, John | Shorter, James | Shrewsberry, Jeremiah | Smith, Henry to Jacob Peek (deed)| Smith, Sampson | Smith, William, Captain, agreement | Snodgrass, John | Solesbury, A. | Stafford, James | Stafford, John | Stinson, Jacob | Stuart, Alexander Stuart (deed) | Stuart, John to Lewis Stuart (deed) | Taylor, Adam | Thompson, James | Varst, Christian Watts, William to Jacob Peek (deed) | Webb, John | White, James | Williams, Andrew Williams, George | Williams, Jeremiah | Williams, Michael | Williams, Philip | Wilson, William

Giles County Wills, Estates, Inventories, Bonds, Deeds 1829 to 1847

Testators: Albert, George | Allen, Thomas | Anderson, Joseph | Atkins, Moses | Bailey, Micajah | Barker, William | Camp to Finch (deed) | Brown, William | Caldwell, Joshua | Carr, John | Chapman, George | Chapman, Isaac | Chapman, John | Crawford, James | Dane, James | Darr, Joseph | Dingess, Charles | Dunbar, Ephraim | Epling, Paul | Epling, Philip Farley, Thomas | Fillinger, Jacob | Flick, Michael | Ford, Edmund | French, David | French, James | Frith, Mary | Fry, David | Givins, Isaiah | Hale, Martha | Hale, Vinson | Hall, David | Harless, Michael | Harman, Henry | Henderson, John | Huffin, John | Hull, Henry | Hunter, Robert | Johnston, Adam | Johnson, David, Captain | Johnson, David to Andrew Johnston (deed) | Johnston, David | Johnston, Samuel | Johnston, Thomas | Johnston, William | Karr, John | Kirk, Martha | Lafann, John | Lang, Mary | Link, Gasper | Lowrey, John | Lucas, Parker | Lybeck, John | Lybrook, John | McClaugherty, John | McDaniel, Thomas | More, Francis | Mustard, James | Neel, William | Patterson, Agnes | Pearis, George | Peek, Jacob | Peters, John | Price, George | Reed, John | Rees, John | Reynolds, John | Shannon, Thomas | Snider, Christian | Snider, Jacob | Snider, John | Stafford, James | Stedley, Jacob | Swaley, James | Tawney, Daniel | Trout, Nancy | Vass, Leland | Waddle, James | Webb, Anna | Webb, Julius | Williams, George | Williams, Margaret | Young, Robert

Images of Wills, Estates, Deeds, Bonds, Guardianships
  • 1806 to 1829
  • 1829 to 1847

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