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What is a Tobacco House? - Buckingham Co. VA Wills, Estates - #genealogy -

What is a Tobacco House? 

By Jeannette Holland Austin

Jeannette Holland AustinOne of the earliest records in the region was that of William Maddox whose 1801 estate listed 100 acres of land adjoining Michael Maddox, William Watt and John Stewart. In 1870, Robert M. Bransford owned a tobacco house and land on Cut Bank Road. The house would have either been a shed or barn, where tobacco was stored. 

Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, tobacco was the principal cash crop of the Virginia Colony, as well as the Carolinas. Large tobacco warehouses filled the areas near the wharves of new, thriving towns such as Dumfries on the Potomac, Richmond and Manchester at the fall line on the James River, and Petersburg on the Appomattox. After the Revolutionary War and the migration of families into the westward regions, the crop continued to be widely grown. tobacco shed
Tobacco Sheds 

Buckingham County Genealogy, Wills and Estates

Buckingham County VirginiaBuckingham County appears to have been named after the Duke of Buckingham in Buckinghamshire, England and was established on May 1, 1761 from the southeastern portion of Albemarle County. In 1778 a small triangular area bordering the James River was given to Cumberland County. In 1845, another part was taken from Buckingham to form the northern portion of Appomattox County. A final adjustment of the Appomattox-Buckingham county line was made in 1860 and Buckingham's borders then became fixed in their current form. Thomas Jefferson was the architect of the court house which was destroyed by fire in 1869. Most of the records were lost. The wills which are listed here survived and were digitized for the convenience of the genealogist.

Records available to Members of Virginia Pioneers

  • Harris, Francis, LWT, transcript | Jones, Edward (abstract from burned records)| Maddox, William, LWT, transcript | Moon, Guardians (abstract from burned records) | Watkins, Elizabeth (abstract of estate) | Watkins, Joel (abstract of estate)| Watkins, John (abstract of estate)| Watkins, Silas (abstract of estate)
Images of Wills 1869 to 1903
  • Abraham, Sallie | Agee, Aron | Agee, Mary | Agee, Susan | Agee, Thomas Mosley | Aldridge, Mark | Allen, John | Amos, Nat | Appling, Lucy | Austin, S. E. | Austin, Thomas | Ayres, R. H. | Ayres, Thomas E. | Baber, Edward | Baber, Virginia | Bagby, Fleming | Bagby, James | Bailey, V. R. | Ball, Virginia | Banton, Charles M. | Banton, Lewis | Bell, Ned | Boatwright, Nancy | Boatwright, William P. | Bocock, N. T. | Bondurant, Thomas M. | Booker, George | Booker, Sarah D. | Bolling, Lewes | Bradley, John | Bransford, Robert | Brown, John W. | Brown, Joseph | Brown, Matthew W. | Bryant, Henry | Cabell, Clifford | Cabell, Frederick | Cabell, William | Carroll, Maria | Chambers, George | Chambers, Mary M. | Chappell, William H. | Chenault, Martha | Christian, Charles L. | Claiborne, Field Archer | Clark, Sterling | Clay, Junius | Cottrell, Charles | Cox, Matthew | Crow, Susan W. | Crute, J. V. | Davidson, Baker W. | Davidson, Permelia | Davidson, Thomas J. | Davis, Lucine | Davis, Phineas A. | Davison, Martha | Demerant, Maria | Dixon, William | Dowdy, N. R. | Driscoll, Sarah Ann | Dunn, William A. | Edwards, John W. | Eldridge, Eliza | Ellis, Richard S. Jr. | Fariss, Thomas | Farley, Sarah | Ferguson, James | Fisher, John | Fitzgerald, James | Flood, James Monroe | Fones, Adocia | Fones, George W. | Fontaine, Margaret | Fontaine, Walter | Forbes, Thomas | Fuqua, Joseph | Gaines, William R. | Gannaway, Mary | Gardner, John B. | Garrett, James | Garrett, John | Garrett, Mildred | Garrott, Charles | Gentry, John | Gillispie, Robert | Gillispie, Sarah | Gilliam, Albert | Gilliam Isham | Gilliam, John C. | Gilliam, John R. | Gilliam, Richard A. | Gills, Archibald | Gills, William | Gipson, Miles | Gipson, T. L. | Goolsby, Susan | Gregory, John | Grigg, James H. | Guerrant, William | Guthrey, Martha | Hall, James | Hammontree, Alexander | Hammontree, Judith | Hanes, Elijah | Hanes, Mary | Harris, Dabney | Harris, James | Harris, Nancy | Harris, Sarah | Hill, Martha A. | Hill, Robert W. | Hill Robert W., his Bear Garden Farm (plat) | Holman, William | Horsley, Mary | Housewright, Elizabeth | Hubard, Bolling | Hubard, Robert | Huddlesstone, Samuel | Huddleston, William | Hudgins, R. B. | Hurt, Louisa | Irving, Delia | Johnson, Robert H. | Jones, A. B. | Jones, Charles | Jones, Elizabeth W. | Jones, Martha | Jones, Paulus | Jones, Peter R. | Jones, Powhatan | Jones, William B. | Kidd, Samuel | Kyle, George W. | Lawford, Thomas Wright | Leitch, Martha | Leitch, William | Lesueur, Daniel | Lesueur, Elizabeth | Leseueur, Martha | Lesueur, Peyton | Mason, Henry | Mason, Virginia | Mayo, Leana | Maxey, William | Clelland, Mary | Meador, James | Meredith, Pleasant | Miles, William | Miller, Catherine | Molley, Jane | Moon, John S. | Moore, Robert A. | Moore, Robert | Morley, Rebecca | Morgan, John | Morris, Nathaniel | Morris, Sophia | Moseley, Arthur | Moseley, Lavinia | Moseley, Marcia | Moseley, Peter | Moseley, Sally | Moseley, William | Moss, Francis Coleman | Moss, Stephen | Murphy, James | Neighbours, Abraham | Neister, Gillis | Newman, Pattie | Nicholas, Elizabeth | Nicholas, John S. | Nicholas, Nancy | Nicholas, William H. | Nicholas, William Thompson | Nixon, Wilmuth | Nuckols, Charles G. | Nuckols, R. C. | O'Briant, Polly | O'Bryant, Francis | Parrack, David | Parrack, Thomas | Patterson, John | Pearce, Martha | Penow, Charles | Perkins, K. M. | Perkins, Price | Perkins, Thomas H. | Perkins, William | Perrow, Charles Sr. | Phelps, Elizabeth | Pierce, Elizabeth | Poor, Abraham | Pritchard, Humphrey | Pryor, Elizabeth | Putney, Ellis | Putney, W. A. | Ragland, David | Reynolds, Frances | Roberts, John J. | Roberts, William H. | Robertson, Mary | Robertson, Rachel | Routon, Eliza | Sagory, Charles | Sanders, Goodrich | Saunders, C. S. | Saunders, Elizabeth | Scruggs, Thomas | Scruggs, William | Seay, Henry | Shaw, William R. | Shepherd, George | Sheppard, John | Smith, Eliza J. | Smith, Joshua | Snoddy, James | Snoddy, Mary | Spencer, John | Sprouse, Elizabeth | Staton, J. N. | Stearns, Franklin | Stinson, Joseph | Stout, Benjamin | Talley, Bella Nicholas | Talley, John Winne | Tappicott, John | Tappicott, Thomas | Taylor, Adocia | Taylor, James | Thomas, John | Thornhill, Sarah | Tindall, John W. | Trent, Alexander | Vin, Martha | Wilkinson, Francis | Wilkinson, Lucy | Williams, John | Woodall, Agnes | Woodall, Mildred | Woodfin, Mary | Wright, F. A. | Wright, James A.

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