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Mrs. Jordan's Reluctance to Marry - Fairfield Co. VA Wills, Estates, Marriages #genealogy

Mrs. Jordan's Reluctance to Wed
By Jeannette Holland Austin
Jeannette Holland Austin
When the husband of Mrs. Jordan had been dead only three or four days (1623) and Mr. Pooley, fearing that a rival should ask for her hand, requested Captain Isaac Madison to broach a proposal of marriage in his behalf to the widow. At first, Madison declined, saying that he did not wish to "meddle in any such business". However, being a friend of the clergyman, Rev. Greville Pooley, he felt certain that Mrs. Jordan was certain to marry some other man (if she did not marry Pooley), so he yielded. When Madison told the widow of his mission, the lady declared that she would marry Mr. Pooley as anyone else that she knew, however that she did not think it quite decent to act so quickly. When Pooley received his answer, he mustered the courage to visit Mrs. Jordan himself. During the interview, he desired a dram of her, and on her bidding one of the servants to and fetch it, declared very gallantly that he would have prefer her to fetch it. She then went into the next room for the liquor. A verbal contract was then declared with all of the formalities of a marriage ceremony, and the couple drank to the health of one another. He kissed her and exclaimed: "I am thine, and you are mine until death do part us." A few moments later, Mrs. Jordan began to fear lest she should be criticised for remarrying too soon. Pooley, however, protested "before God that he would not reveal" the engagement until she thought "the time fitting." But, being very full of the secret, he soon told it. Mrs. Jordan was so angry that she declined to carry out the contract and told the clergyman "if he had not revealed it, he might have fared ye better." Source: British Colonial Papers, Vol. 1622-3, No. 30. 

Fairfax County, Virginia Court Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Election Records

Fairfax County Court HouseFairfax County was formed in 1742 from the northern part of Prince William County. It was named for Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron (16931781), proprietor of the Northern Neck. The oldest settlements in Fairfax County were located along the Potomac River. Some famous people settled in Fairfax County. George Washington built his home facing the Potomac, Mount Vernon Gunston Hall, the home of George Mason is located nearby. Modern Fort Belvoir is partly located on the estate of Belvoir Manor, built along the Potomac by William Fairfax in 1741. Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, the only member of the British nobility ever to reside in the colonies, lived at Belvoir before he moved to the Shenandoah Valley. In 1757, the northwestern two-thirds of Fairfax County became Loudoun County. In 1789, part of Fairfax County was ceded to the federal government to form Alexandria County of the District of Columbia. Alexandria County was returned to Virginia in 1846, reduced in size by the secession of the independent city of Alexandria in 1870, and renamed Arlington County in 1920. The Fairfax County town of Falls Church became an independent city in 1948.

Fairfax County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

  1. Wills 1742-1749 (abstracted)
  2. Book A-1, 1742 to 1752 (full book)
Probate Records

Images of Fairfax County Wills and Estates, Book A-1, 1742 to 1752
Names of Testators: Arbuthnot, Thomas | Barrats, Thomas | Boash, James | Bond, George Alford | Bount, Thomas | Elroy, Thomas | Fairfax, William | Floyd, Ebenezer | Floyd, John | Guinorson, William | Gunter, William | Kirkland, Richard | Kirkand, Rubard | Littleton, John | McCarty, Davis | Osborn, Robert | Rogers, Elizabeth | Rogers, Richard | Warden, Robert | Williams, Howell | Williams, Thomas | Wilson, Lewis

Images of Fairfax County Wills and Estates, Book B-1, 1752 to 1767
Names of Testators: Adams, Gabriel | Adams, John | Alexander, Garrard | Anbrey, George | Ansley, Thomas | Ashford, John | Ball, John | Barkley, Barbara | Barker, William | Bates, Edward | Basnet, Thomas | Benston, Thomas | Berkley, William | Boling, Joseph | Bozman, Mary | Bozman, Thomas | Brawner, Mary | Brewster, Thomas | Bronaugh, Elizabeth | Bronaugh, Simpha Rosa Ann Field | Bronaugh, Jeremiah | Brooks, Josiah | Brown, James | Brown, John | Butcher, H. | Canterbury, Samuel | Careford, Samuel | Cavener, John | Chapman, Nathaniel | Charlton, Andrew | Cheshire, John | Clapham, Josias | Colvill, John, Colonel | Colvill, John | Colvill, Thomas | Compton, John | Coomes, Catherine | Craig, David | Critcher, Jadirvin | Curry, Barnaby | Davis, Thomas | Debell, John | Dent, George | Donaldson, William | Dulin, Elizabeth | Duling, William |Earpe, Joshua |Evans, Thomas | Evens, John |Fairfax, William |Farguson, John |Fren, Henry | French, Daniel | Garrett,, Edward | Gladen, John | Gladin, Francis | Godfrey, William | Grady, Francis | Grantham, John | Green, Charles | Griffin, Ezekiel | Grimes, William | Gunnel, William | Gunston, John | Hadin, Ann | Hall, John | Halling,, John | Harle, John | Harle, William | Harrison, Thomas | Hawkins, John | Herriford, Jean | Hunter, John | Hurst, James | Irvine, Joseph | Jenkins, John | Jennings, Daniel | Johnston, George | Keen, James | Kent, Richard | Lavins, Joseph | Lewis, Thomas | Linton, Moses | Lloyd, Peter | Maddy, William | Maning, John | Mankin, Jonas | Martin, John | Martin, Nicholas | Masheron, Edward | Mason, Ann | Mason, Charles | Maysey, John | McCarty, Daniel | McCarty, Denis | McKensey, James | Mears, John | Miars, Jacob | Minor, John | Minor, Nicholas | Moseley, William | Moxley, Daniel | Moxley, Richard | Moxley, Thomas | Moxley, William | Nation, William | Neale, Christopher | Nelson, Sarah | Nicholas, George | North, Jeane | North, John | Osborn, Richard | Peake, William | Pearson, Samuel | Perouney, William | Philips, John | Piper, David | Prevton, Robert | Ragen, William | Ramsay, Anthony | Ranes, John | Robinson, Thomas | Rowling, Eliza | Russell, Anthony | Salkeld, Capt. Henry | Salkeld, Henry | Shore, Richard | Simpson, Richard | Simpson, Sarah | Smith, Jacob | Smith, Thomas | Solnot, Henry | Solomon, John | Spence, John | Sybley, John | Terrett, William Henry | Thomas, David | Thomas, William | Tinley, John | Tompson, Prichard | Town, Stephen | Trammell, John | Triplett, Francis | Turley, John | Washington, Lawrence West, Hugh | Wheeler, Rebecca | Wheeler, Richard | Wigginton, Roger | Wilkey, John | Williams, Ezekiel | Williamson, Henry | Williams, Thomas | Williams, William | Wrings, John |

Images of Fairfax County Wills and Estates, Book C-1, 1767 to 1776
Names of Testators: Ashford, Elizabeth | Ball, John | Berkley, William | Boggess, Robert | Bowmaker, James | Bronough, William | Canterbury, Samuel | Carson, Thomas | Castillo, Bridget | Chew, Mercy | Clark, John | Clifton, Eli | Clifton, Elizabeth | Clifton, William | Colvill, Thomas | Cornish, Charles | Cornish, Elizabeth | Crosswaite, Anthony | Darrell, George | Davis, Edward | Dogon, John | Donaldson, James | Donaldson, William | Dowdall, Thomas | Empsel, Joseph | Ferguson, Joshua | French, Daniel | Frizell, William | Gossam, William | Grayson, Benjamin | Grimes, William | Hampton, Mary | Hollinghead, John | Hollis, John | Hollis, John | Hunter, George | Jennings, Daniel | Johnston, George | Johnson, Samuel | Johnston, Hannah | Johnston, Mary | Jones, Robert | Jordan, David | Kent, Benoni | Kent, Richard | King, James | Lackey, Richard | Lamphier, Venus | Layne, William | Lester, William | Lewis, Thomas Sr. | Linton, William | Mankin, Josias | Martin, George | Mason, French | McIntosh, John | Mills, Alexander | Minor, John | Moore, Henry | Moore, Mary | Moore, William | Neal, Daniel | Neale, Christopher | Osborn, Richard | Patterson, John | Prescott, John | Purley, Jane | Reagan, Michael | Rigdon, Edward | Robertson, James | Sanford, Robert | Scott, Thomas | Sebastian, Benjamin | Sebastian, Elizabeth | Sewell, William | Shaw, Jane | Shaw, William | Sheridan, James | Sheridan, John | Simons, Ann | Simpson, Gilbert | Simpson, Richard | Sines, Timothy | Smith, Margery | Thom, William | Thomas, Robert | Thompson, Joseph | Turley, James | Turley, Jane, Mrs. | Turley, Paul | Violet, Edward | Violet, Ewel | Wagoner, Peter | Washington, Lawrence | Watson, John | West, Hugh | Williams, John | Williams,, Owen | Wisheart, Henry | Wren, Thomas | Wright, Abraham | Young, Davis

Miscellaneous Documents
  • Lucas, Thomas, LWT (1791) (Transcript)
  • Reagan, Michael, LWT (1750), image
  • Reagan, Michael, LWT (1773), image
  • Simpson, Gilbert, LWT (1773), image
  • Fairfax County Presbyterian Church Marriages
Miscellaneous Wills
  • Cashat John
  • Lucas, Thomas
  • Reagan, Michael
  • Simpson, Gilbert
Indexes to Probate Records
  1. Will Book A-1, 1742 to 1752
  2. Will Book B-1, 1752 to 1767
  3. Will Book C-1, 1767 t 1776
Images of Deeds
  1. Deed Book A-1, 1742 to 1746
  2. Deed Book A-1, 1742 to 1746, Part II
  3. Index 1742 to 1746
  4. Index 1746 to 1750
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