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Where to Find Free Genealogy Information - Pulaski Co VA Wills, Estates #genealogy #virginiapioneers

Virginia Pioneers

Pulaski County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Indexes to Probate Records

Dublin Virginia

Pulaski County was formed on March 30, 1839 from parts of Montgomery and Wythe counties. It was named after Count Casimir Pulaski, an exiled polish nobleman who fought during the American Revolution as part of the army of George. He joined the army in 1777 and became a brigadier general and chief of cavalry in the Continental Army. On October 11, 1779 Count Pulasi was fatally wounded in Savannah and died on October 11, 1779, and his fame is that of being an honored American hero.

Records available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Wills 1859 to 1871
  • Index to Wills 1848 to 1902 | Images of Wills 1848 to 1902
Images of Wills, Guardianships, Inventories, Estates 1840 to 1859

Abraham, Martha | Adair, James | A. | Allison, James | | Baithwaite, guardians | Barger, Franklin | Baskerville, George | Baskerville, John B. | Baskerville, Spencer | Beard, George W. | Bell, Peyton | Bell, William | A. | Belles, John | Bently, Henry | Black, Hugh | Black, John | Burkholder, William | | Caddall, John | Calfee, William | | Carnahan, John | Clark, Elizabeth | Cloyd, David | Cloyd, Thomas | Cook, Henry | Crawford, John | Danfer, John | Davis, Meredith | Davis, Sarah | Dill, Peter, Mrs. | Draper, Margaret | Eaton, Crozier | Eversole, Phillip | Farmer, Martha | Fugate, Jesse | Galbreath, Catharine | Gesse, William | Gifford, Harman | Glendy, John | Grass, Elizabeth | Guthrie, Elizabeth | Guthrie, Richard | Hager, John | Hoge, Elizabeth | Hoge, J. M. | Howard, Alexander | Hurst, John | Jordan, Michael | Kelly, John | Kent, David F. | King, James | Lasley, William | Mannis, Richard | McGlendy, Polly | Mennahan, Martha | Meredith, Jeremiah | Miller, James | Miller, William | Morris, Mary | Morris, Robert | Muirhead, Andrew | Patton, Henry | Peck, Joseph | Peirce, James | Pittman, Henry | Pryor, John | Raines, Richard | Rankin, James | Rankin, Mary | Safford, Adam | Sanger, Joseph | Sayers, James | Stone, William | Sutton, John | Swope, John Jr. | Taylor, James | Tipton, William | Turner, Francis | Twinkle, William | Wygal, John | Wygate, James

Images of Wills, Guardianships, Estates, Inventories 1859 to 1871

Alexander, John E. | Allison, Francis | Barger, Jacob | Baskerville, G. S. | Baskerville, Nancy | Bigbee, Augustus | Boston, Martha | Brown, Michael | Brown, S. | Butler, P. A. | Butler, W. M. F. | Calfee, Evelina | Calfee, Mary | Calfee, William | Clark, Elizabeth | Clark, John | Cloyd, David M. | Cloyd, Gordon | Cobb, Claiborne | Clark, Joseph | Craig, Robert M. | Crawford, John | Dollins, William | Eaton, Crozier | Eaton, Keziah | Ewing, Lydia | Farmer, James C. | Floyd, Moses B. | Frigate, J. H. | Glendy, John | Godby, Francis | Goss, William A. | Hall, James | Henaker, Henry | Hoge, James | Hoge, William | Hudson, Isaac | Huff, Samuel | Hyser, Benjamin F. | Hyser, Henry | Ingram, Samuel | Kelley, John | Kent, Elizabeth | Lasley orphans | Martin, D. T. Dr. | McGarock, David | Miller, James | Miller, Margaret | Morehead, James | Morehead, orphans | Murrill, William | Nunn, John | Owens, A. | Pack, Sarah | Painter, George | Parks, James W. | Pierce, James | Poage, Margaret | Poage, Thomas | Redaford, James | River, N. | Rook, John | Sadler, John | Sadler, Joseph | Sadler, William | Saunders, Hiram | Sayers, Hamilton | Sayers, John | Shearman, Jacob | Smith, Hiram | Snow, Samuel | | Stewart, Thomas W. | Stone, William | Sutton, John | Swope, John | Taylor, James L. | Taylor, John | Taylor, John M. | Taylor, Jonas | Temple, Stephen | Thornton, Peter | Thornton, Thomas | Trinkle, Henry | Trinkle, William | Twingler, John | Vermillion, A. H. | Vermillion, John N. | Vermillion, Rozen | Walker, Samuel | Walters, T. | Ward, Rupe | Way, John | Whitaker, James | White, W. G. | Wiggins, John | Wygal, John | Wygal, Sebastian | Wygal, William | Wyser, Benjamin | Wyser, George W. | Wyser, James

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Jeannette Holland AustinWhere to Find Free Genealogy Information
By Jeannette Holland Austin

Most genealogy websites contain some free information, irrespective of whether a fee is charged. Such is the case with the Virginia Genealogy Website known as Virginia Pioneers which contains (free) lists of those who left wills or estates. The names are listed alphabetically! Simply use the Index Clicking on this link can not only provide information concerning where your ancestors may have died and left estates, but saves lots of time. You can obtain the record from the local court house or the Virginia State Archives, or join the websites where additional records such as genealogies, marriages, bible records, pensions and origins are found.

Map of Pulaski County, Virginia

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