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Finding Genealogy is Tedious - Prince Edward County Wills and Estates

Before the 17th century, finding Genealogy is Tedious 
By Jeannette Holland Austin
Jeannette Holland Austin

A major goal of the genealogist is to find the country (or place) of origin of his ancestors as well as other families and friends. Colonists enjoyed entertainment with them in social gatherings. They married someone in the neighborhood. Therefore, one should not overlook the community nor its historical setting. In other words, the activity of the times is history. Once the genealogist traces back to the 17th century, finding records becomes for tedious. London in the 16th CenturyYet, our ancestors were part of history, and tidbits of information concerning them is scattered about in a wide variety of resources. A unique list of Origins of some of the earliest settlers to Virginia is compiled and published on Virginia Pioneers

Prince Edward County, Virginia was formed in 1754 from Amelia County. It was named after Prince Edward, the second son of Frederick, Prince of Wales and the younger brother of George III of the United Kingdom. The original county seat was called Prince Edward Courthouse; it is now the village of Worsham. In 1798, the town of Farmville was formed (incorporated in 1912) near the headwaters of the Appomattox River. The county seat was moved from Worsham to Farmville in 1871. 

Probate Records and Wills available to Members of Virginia Pioneers

Indexex to Probate Records

Index to Inventories, Accounts and Wills 1785 to 1795 

Miscellaneous Wills and Estates

Collicot, James LWT ca 1770
Harris, Thomas (1792), LWT, (transcribed)
Whitlock, James 

Images of Wills 1754 to 1785

Testators: Archdeacon, James | Atkins, Robert | Atwood, James | Baker, Duglass| Baker, Martha | Baker, Martha (2) | Baker, Mary | Baker, Robert | Barns, William | Beaker, Caleb | Booker, William | Bryan, Thomas | Caldwell, Thomas | Caldwell, Thomas (2) | Carter, Theodrick | Cary, William | Christian, Ann | Coffee, Peter | Collicott, James | Crisman, Daniel | Cunningham, Alexander | Davidson, John | Dearman, Michael | DeJarnett, Daniel | DeJarnett, Elias | DeJarnett, Mary | Donnel, James| Ewing, Samuel | Fielder, Thomas | Flournoy, David | Garden, James | Gillespie, Patrick |Gillespie, Robert A.| Gordon, John| Graven, John| Griffin, James| Hackley, Samuel| Harper, Edmund | Harris, Micajah| Harris, Thomas | Harrison, William | Hawkins, Benjamin | Hill, William | Hughes, Leander| Johnston, Edward | Ligon, Henry Sr. | Littlejohn, Joseph | Lugh, Zachariah | Martain, Samuel | Martin, James | Mathews, Samuel | MacCartney, James | McCroy, James | McLard, David | Moor, Royall | More, George | Nash, John | Nash, Mary | Owens, John | Price, Pugh | Read, James | Reed, John | Reed, Samuel | Rice, Charles | Rice, Joseph | Richey, Hugh | Rowlett, John | Tuggle, Benjamin | Walker, George Sr. | Watkins, John | Whitlock, Sarah | Wimbish, Benjamin | Wimbish, James | Woodson, Constant | Woodson, Obadiah | Woodson, Richard | Yarbrough, William 

Images of Wills 1785 to 1795

Testators: Adams, William Robert | Allen, James | Armstrong, Thomas | Baker, Samuel | Brooks, Isaac | Burks, George | Carr, Hugh | Cawthon, John | Chambers, Josiah | Childres, Robert | Clarke, John Jr. | Clark, Thomas | Cobb, Sarah | DeJarnett, John | Dixon, John | Gillespie, Francis | Hambleton, Alexander | Harper, Hannah | Hay, Daniel | Holt, Plunkett | Hughes, Jesse | Jackson, Thomas | Johnston, Henry | Lawson, Benjamin | Lewellin, Daniel | Lewellin, Thomas | Lewellin, William | Lockett, Stephen | McFeley, Manassah | Moore, Joseph | North, William | Price, Charles | Ritchie, Charles | Scott, John Scott, Mildred | Ward, Robert B. | Watts, Sarah | Woodson, Charles | Zachery, Bartholomew 

Images of Wills 1795 to 1807 

Anderson, William | Anderson, William (2) | Baker, Andrew | Baker, Christian | Baker, Douglass | Baldwin, Caleb | Baldwin, John | Baldwin, William | Beasley, Peter | Bever, John | Blanton, Richard Sr. | Booker, Mary | Brightwell, Reynold | Cardwell, John | Cason, Seth | Cathern, Adam | Chambers, Mary | Clarke, Joel | Downs, Margaret | Elliott, Andrew | Farley, William | Fears, James | Flournoy, Thomas | Foster, Richard | Gibson, Ann | Goode, Robert | Goode, Samuel | Hambleton, Obedience | Hartgrove, Thomas | Haskins, Thomas | Hix, John | Holland, Dick | Holland, Sarah | Hudson, James | Hudson, Thomas Sr. | Hudson, William | Hunt, Elizabeth | Huskegson, Luceasy | Jackson, Matthew | Jackson, Nancy | Jenning, Eleanor | Lewis, David | Ligon, James | Maner, Ferguson | Mason, Benjamin | Mason, William | Matthews, William | Meadows, Joel | Miller, John | Milley, Thomas | Moore, George | Morton, John | Nash, John Sr. | Neat, Stephen | Owen, Thomas | Pankey, Mary | Peek, William | Phillips, Richard | Pinick, Mary | Pinick, Charles | Price, James | Redd, Thomas | Ritchey, Mary | Ritchey, Mary (2) | Shepherd, Isaac | Smith, Henry | Thompson, John | Tucker, Joseph | Venable, Matthew | Waddell, Richard Sr. | Wade, Phillip | Walthall, Christopher | Walton, George | Watkins, Henry | Watkins, Robert | Watson, John | Williams, Willis | Winge, Andrew 

Map of Prince Edward County Virginia

Seal of Prince Edward county

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