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Images of Richmond Co. VA Wills 1717 to 1794

Richmond County Court House Records

Sabine Hall

Richmond County, Virginia was formed in 1692 out of Old Rappahannock County. Its county seat is Warsaw. The county is located on the Northern Neck (not to be confused with Richmond, the city). It is the historical site of many first colonists and this fact is reflected in the last wills and testaments. The document was very important for our days beccause it reveals so much about the decedent, which is welcome information to the genealogist. The will is a "must" document to search. In fact, the first thing which you do when you go to court house records is to search the probate records. This is where all of the information resides. True, there are many books written abstracting county wills for the State of Virginia, however, the abstracts simply do not contain the " juice; necessary to dig deep into the lives of your families. The colonial wills, particularly, reveal just about everything, from the location of the homeplace, the burial grounds for the family, the church or religion, and an express division of land, plantations, personal notes, and a vast inventory of all of the items of the estates. After all, every Virginian was in business for himself and contributed a great deal to the community. The estate records provide names of friends, neighbors, distant relatives, names of heirs in English estates, and much much more. A family tree is incomplete without the actual last wills and testaments of all of your family members. The digitized documents on Virginia Pioneers are actual copies from the county clerk. Originals no longer exist, however, the clerk copies each and every will and all of its detail into the county will book.

Digital Images of Richmond County Wills 1717 to 1725
Names of Testators: Alderson, John; Jr. ; Armistead, Francis ; Armstrong, John;; Baker, Bartholomew; Barber, William; ; Barrow, Edward; Baylis, Robert; Birket, John; Bonagh, William; Bradley, Elizabeth; Brown, William; Bryan, Elleanor ; Bryan, Thomas Sr.; Burditt, Henry ; Carny, Patrick ; Carpenter, Mary ; Clarke, Thomas ; colston, William; Connell, Michael ; Cous, John; Cushyon, James; Davis, John; Davis, Matthew ; Dodson, Anne ; Fitzhugh, Thomas ; Fowler, Richard; Glew, John; Gower, Stanley; Green, George; Griffin, William; Hall, Elizabeth; Hamon, Job; Hansford, John; Harrison, Robert; Hartley, James; Harvey, Charles; Hatcher, Silvester ; Hill, Richard; Hinds, Richard; Hodskins, William; Hopkins, George; Ingo, James; Jones, Bookes ; Jones, John; Kappax, Peter ; Lawson, Joshua ; Leagar, Henry ; Lune, Mark; Lune, Patrick ; Mathews, Samuel ; Miller, Simon ; Neal, Charles; Norton, John; Pannell, Thomas; Pound, John; Rannell, Henry ; Reed, Thomas ; Reonalds, John; Ritchason, Thomas ; Scurlock, John; Smith, John; Smith, William; Snead, Charles ; Tiller, William; Toone, James; Walton, Cathron; Wells, Elizabeth; Whittle, Thomas ; Wood, Richard; Wools, Hedley
Digital Images of Wills 1788 to 1794
Testators: Alderson, William; Ball, William;son; Barrick, Elizabeth; Bragg, Moore ; Brannon, James; Brown, Ellen ; Brown, Thomas Sr. ; Buice, William; Bulger, Jane ; Carpenter, John; Cole, John; Corrie, Hannah ; Crask, James; Crask, Sarah; Dale, Joseph ; Dobyn, Edward ; Dobyns, Thomas ; Dobyns, William Forester ; Downman, Francis ; Downman, William; Efford, Zachariah ; Elmore, Mary ; Fauntleroy, Moore ; Fauntleroy, Moore (2) ; Fauntleroy, William; Ferguson, Robert; Flood, Elizabeth; Franklin, Thomas ; Frary, Richard; Garland, William; Hunton, Alexander ; Jackson, Vincent ; Jesper, Thomas Jr. ; Jones, David; Lawson, Daniel ; Lyell, John; Marks, John; Miskell, Newman ; Mitchell, Ann ; Nash, George; Nash, Nathaniel ; Newsom, Benjamin ; Packet, Richard; Pritchet, Rodham; Pullen, John; Stoneum, William; Sydnor, Anthony; Sydnor, Dewanna; Thornton, Elizabeth; Thornton, John; Thrift, John; William;s, William; Woolland, Elizabeth; Yerby, George
Digital Images of Wills 1753 to 1767
  • Alderson, Richard
  • Alger, Mary
  • Alger, Samuel
  • Alloway, Alexander
  • Alloway, Gabril
  • Appleby, Elizabeth
  • Ba;rber, Samuel
  • Ba;rber, Thomas
  • Ba;rker, James
  • Ba;rnes, Richard (slow to load, 108 pp.)
  • Ba;yes, Jonathan
  • Ba;yly, Samuel
  • Beale, Charles
  • Beale, John
  • Bowles, Phillis
  • Bramham, John
  • Brickey, John
  • Bruce, Thomas
  • Bryant, Charles
  • Bryant, Fauntleroy
  • Byrd, John
  • Clark, John
  • Collier, Mary
  • Cummins, Mary
  • Digge, William
  • Downman, James
  • Downman, Margaret
  • Dye, Avery
  • Efford, Francis
  • Efford, John
  • Elder, William
  • Elmore, John
  • Everett, William
  • Faun, William
  • Faunteroy, Moore
  • Fegins, John
  • Ford, John
  • Fowler, Alice
  • Freshwater, Thomas
  • Garland, William
  • Gaydon, George
  • Gibson, John
  • Glascock, John
  • Goldsby, Edward
  • Gray, Susanna
  • Griffin, Elizabeth
  • Hall, Robert
  • Hall, Robert (2)
  • Hammon, Job
  • Hardwick, George
  • Harper, William
  • Harriot, James
  • Harris, John
  • Harris, William
  • Harrison, Mathew
  • Harrison, Matthew
  • Hill, Jesse
  • Hines, Charles
  • Hinds, James
  • Houghson, Mary
  • Jackson, David
  • Jackson, Joseph
  • Jenkins, Mansfield
  • Jesper, John
  • Jester, Thomas Sr.
  • Jones, Edward
  • Jones, Isaac
  • Jones, William
  • Kelly, Alexander
  • Landman, James
  • Lawson, John
  • Lawson, Michael
  • Lightfoot, Daniel
  • Lovelace, Charles
  • Lyns, Thomas
  • Mazingo, Edward
  • Meeks, Ann
  • Milner, Luke
  • Minty, Margaret
  • Miskell, Henry
  • Mitchell, Robert
  • Moore, Garland
  • Morton, James
  • Munch, Jeremiah
  • Oldham, James
  • Oldham, John
  • Philips, Joshua
  • Phillips, William
  • Pinkard, Elizabeth
  • Pugh, Henry
  • Purcell, Tobias
  • Reynolds, John
  • Richardson, John
  • Rochester, William
  • Russell, John
  • Rust, Benjamin
  • Sanders, George
  • Scurlock, Daniel
  • Scurlock, Thomas
  • Spence, Robert
  • Suggitt, Edgecomb
  • Sydnor, Anthony
  • Sydnor, Epaphroditus
  • Taylor, George
  • Tomlin, Robert
  • Tomlinson, Edward
  • Tune, William
  • Walker, Thomas
  • Walker, William
  • Wallace, Walter
  • Webb, Betty
  • Webb, Isaac
  • Webb, William
  • Williams, Hennery
  • Williams, Jane
  • Williams, John Sr.
  • Williams, Roger
  • Willson, John
  • Willson, Martha
  • Wooland, John
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