Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Horses Mouth

The history books fail to portray the past as it actually occurred.  Especially the school books to this generation, which are nothing but a slanted political view of things.  This is why our children need to do a thorough independent research of the subject and then draw logical conclusions.  Does this sound harsh?  Can you remember the date that President Kennedy was assassinated?  Okay, that is too easy.  Let us try - When was the American Revolution and what caused it?  Old newspapers were a fair source of information, however today's facts are mere expressions of how the reporters wish things were.  No matter what the era, there is a slant on everything.  But not for the genealogist who must get the facts straight because failure to do so means that he cannot trace to the next generation. The tools of the genealogist, such as old newspapers and court house records, consists mostly of factual data. One assembles the data and gives the report.  Relatives discuss the report and attempt to draw conclusions from the evidence.  Did you know that families sometimes gave their children identical names?  One daughter (Mary) dies and the next child is named "Mary", sort of as a memorial to the one who died, or, they are carrying forward a family name.  Are the two Marys one person, or two?  These are the sort of details which the genealogist deciphers.  To discover the truth, comparisons are made between census records, bibles, cemeteries, death certificates, pensions, old wills and estates, deeds, tax records, and so on.

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