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Digital Images of Accomack Co. VA Wills and Probate Records

Accomack County, Virginia Court House Records

Accomack Court House

Accomac Shire was established in 1634 as one of the original eight shires of Virginia. The name comes from the Native American work Accawmack, meaning on the other side. In 1642 the name was changed to Northampton. Northampton was then divided into two counties in 1663. The northern section assumed the original Accomack name, the southern, Northampton. In 1670, the virginia Colony's Royal Governor William Berkeley abolished Accomack county, but the Virginia General Assembly re-created it in 1671. The justices of Accomac held their terms of court for many years at Pungoteague in the tavern belonging to John Cole, who did not charge for this use. In 1677 it was decided to erect a court-house where the majority of the freeholders chose. Cole, reminding the judges of his liberality, asserted that, having recently purchased the Freeman plantation, he was sure that it would offer a very convenient site for the projected county seat. He also offered to furnish thirty thousand bricks for the construction and also all of the timber. These bricks were to be burned on the spot by James Ewell, who was indebted to Cole. Three years passed and the projected structure had not been completed. In 1680, there was an order of the court directing Major Charles Scarborough to engage workmen at once to proceeding with the construction. Source: Letter of John Cole dated Dec. 20, 1677, Accomac County Records, vol. 1676-8, p. 97. Virginia Historical Tidbits. Join our free blog

Accomack County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Transcripts of County Wills, Inventories, Appraisements, Divisions 1729 to 1737

Ardies, Edward, inventory
Armitrader, Henry
Ash, Bridget
Ashly, Charles
Aymes, James
Bagwell, Henry
Bagwell, John, inventory
Baily, Richard
Baker, John, appraisement
Beavans, William
Bensten, Ambrose
Benstene, James
Benston, James
Benstone, William
Biddle, Thomas, inventory
Blake, John, inventory
Blake, Joseph
Bonnewell, John, division
Bonwell, John, inventory
Bowles, Daniel, inventory
Bradford, William
Brittingham, John, inventory
Brittingham, Nathaniel, Jr.
Brittingham, Samuel, estate
Brymer, Samuel
Bundock, Richard
Burton, Samuel, division
Burton, Thomas
Burton, William
Cole, Robert, appraisement
Copes, Giles
Crippen, Thomas
Cropper, Edmund Bowman, inventory
Croston, Francis
Custis, Hancock
Custis, Henry
Custis, John
Curtler, Richard
Darby, Daniel
Davis, Samuel, inventory
Dix, William
Drumond, Anne, Sr.
Drummond, Hill
Drummond, Richard
Duberly, John, inventory
Dunton, Waterfield, inventory
Edwards, Evan
Ewell, Mark, inventory
Ewell, Solomon
Flack, Mary, inventory
Fletcher, Thomas
Fletcher, William
Gibson, James
Gore, William
Green, John, inventory
Griffin, Elizabeth
Harmanson, Argol
Harmanson, Barbara
Harristoy, John
Heath, William, inventory
Hinman, Benjamin
Hope, Thomas
Huebanks, Mary
Hughs, Joseph, inventory
Hutchinson, John
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, Henry, inventory
Jackson, John
Jenkinson, Thomas
Johnson, George
Johnson, John
Jones, Richard
Justice, Ralph
Kellam, Edward
Kellam, Richard
Knight, George, inventory
Laughlan, Cornelius
Lewis, Elizabeth
Linsey, Elizabeth
Longo, James
Lurton, William, inventory
Major, William
Marshall, John
Mathews, William
Melson, John
Mercy, John
Michael, Simon, inventory
Milby, Garrison
Milby, John, inventory
Milby, Salathiel, inventory
Murray, John
Murrough, Daniel, inventory
O'Grahan, Daniel
Osburne, Jenifer
Owen, Timothy, inventory
Park, Mary
Parker, Dorothy
Parker, George
Patrick, John
Phillips, William Sr.
Powell, John, inventory
Pritchard, William
Pruitt, Catherine, inventory
Read, Henry
Richerson, Charles, inventory
Rite, William
Robins, Edward
Robins, John
Robins, Thomas, inventory
Rogers, John, inventory
Rogers, Peter
Rogers, William
Rowles, Major
Rowles, Daniel Sr.
Sallisbury, John, inventory
Savage, John
Savage, Mary, inventory
Savage, Rowland
Scarburgh, Bennet
Scarburgh, Henry
Scot, Thomas, inventory
Smith, Valentine, inventory
Smith, William, appraisement
Snead, Charles (Capt.), inventory
Solsbery, John
Stockley, Joseph Sr.
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Joshua, inventory
Taylor, Thomas, appraisement
Taylor (orphan)
Teackles, Margaret
Teackles, Thomas
Tellott, James
Thomson, John, inventory
Tomson, John
Townson, Thomas, inventory
Walker, Joseph
Wallop, Skinner
Watson, Benjamin
Watts, Esther, inventory
Watts, John, inventory
Watts, Priscilla
Watts, William, inventory
Watts, William, orphan
Welburne, Daniel
Welburne, Samuel, inventory
West, Edward, inventory
West, John
West, William
Willis, Daniel, inventory
Wilson, Henry, inventory
Wimbrough, William, appraisement
Windom, George
Young, Francis Marriages
  • Marriages to 1699
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Deeds, Estates, 1729-1737
  • Deeds and Wills 1729-1737
  • Curtis, William, LWT (transcript)
  • Scarburgh, Mary, Mrs., LWT (1691) (transcript)

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