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Digital images of Clarke Co. VA Wills

Clarke County Probate Records

Clarke County, VirginiaIn 1736 Thomas Fairfax the sixth Lord Fairfax of Cameron built Greenway Court on part of his 5 million acres near the village of White Post, West of the Blue Ridge border. The first settlers of Clarke County are believed to be the children of Tidewater planters who settled on large land grants from Lord Fairfax. The earliest surviving will book was 1836 to 1845 and reflects the names of the homeowners in the area.

Clarke County Virginia Probate Records available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Wills and Inventories 1845 to 1852

Digital Images of Wills 1826 to 1845 (Names of Testators):
  • Avery, Julia
  • Bennett, Richard
  • Benson, Isabella
  • Bill, Joseph
  • Blakemore, Thomas
  • Burwell, Lucy
  • Byrd, Thomas
  • Castleman, John
  • Castleman, Sarah
  • Craig, John
  • Foster, John
  • Gunnell, Sally
  • Hout, Rudolph
  • Kerfoot, John
  • McCormick, James
  • Orean, Jesse
  • Page, Judith
  • Page, Maria
  • Page, P. S.
  • Page, Robert
  • Pageson, John
  • Parker, Richard
  • Phips, Juliet
  • Reed, William
  • Stribling, Penelope
  • Thomson, John
  • Timberlake, Richard
  • Tunsten, Margaret
  • Watson, John
  • Whillington, James
Digital Images of Wills 1845 to 1852 (Names of Testators):
  • Barnett, Francis
  • Biggs, Thomas
  • Brownley, Betsey
  • Brownley, Eliza
  • Brownley, John
  • Brumley, Lewis
  • Burwell, Phillip
  • Cramptone, Elizabeth
  • Foster, Martha
  • Glass, James
  • Hardesty, Richard Sr.
  • Harrison, Anna Mercer
  • Hay, James
  • Iden, William
  • Jordan, Reuben
  • Jordan, Thomas
  • Larues, Joseph
  • Lewis, Lorenzo
  • McCormick, Albert
  • McCormick, Charles
  • Mustin, Lucy
  • Milton, Catherine
  • Page, Robert
  • Tyste, George
  • Wigginton, James

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