Sunday, November 10, 2013

QuikLinks to Old Virginia Wills

I am going to coin a phrase here for my genealogy websites. "Quiklink". The reason will become obvious in a minute.

Have you every visited the genealogy websites where you type a name into the search engine and a what you get is a webpage of hundreds of links? Then, you spend quite a bit of time clicking on each link to find the correct person? While other genealogy websites provide a digital index of records. What you have to do here is click on each index book to find the name, then write down the page number. Next, you go to another link (which is a digitized copy of the book you need) and click on the arrow until you arrive at the designated page number.  Virginia Pioneers saves a lot of time! Members login, click on "wills", then the desired "county."  The page which comes up has an alphabetical listing of names. Click on a name and see the old will!  (It is a PDF file having a zoom choice at the bottom of each page scrolled).

And that is not all the goodies! You do not have to join the website to discover whether or not your ancestor is listed in any of the old county wills.  Simply click on the Index to Counties and then the county to see if your ancestor is listed there.

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