Sunday, October 27, 2013

English Chancery Records

If your ancestors were among those who settled in the Virginia Colony, then you need to perform research beyond the passenger ship lists and the published books on immigration.  Most settlers into Virginia came from England.  The first place to look is London. There are many places to search in this vicinity because it includes Westminster, Canterbury and Middlesex (county).  Because of so many collections, this is going to take awhile.  But there is good news.  The UK National Archives is online and you can type in a name and begin there.  It is necessary to read the many entries.  However, you can obtain a copy via Paypal very quickly.  UK National Archives - just type in a name.

Although this is tedious work, the oldest records are available for obtaining copies.  To refine your search, the categories are to the left of the screen.  Do not forget to search through the Chancery Records because that is similar to US civil courts, and you will see all sorts of disputes in there. Don't be cheap when ordering all of the records (copies are inexpensive) which you think might be your people because, in the final analysis, this is going to be the only way to sort things out. It does come together after you become familiar with the people.  You can even get copies of the old wills, and I strongly advise you to do so.  I acquire those wills with the same surname surround certain dates. This helps to understand who is who and to eliminate certain families.  Good hunting!

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