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Digital images of Northampton County Virginia Wills

Northampton County, Virginia Court House Records

Northampton County Court House Northampton County probably was created in 1694 and was first called Accawmack. The name was changed by legislative action in 1643. As early as 1648, the terms of the county court of Northampton were held in two places. Six years afterwards, the justices adopted a resolution that they would meet on the 28th day of each month in Mr. Walter Williams' residence, which was situated near Hungars Creek. The erection of a permanent court-house was taken into consideration in the year of 1664, and "ye towne fields betwixt ye Ware Creek and ye Maine Creek" was chosen as the most appropriate site. Six years later, an Act of Assembly having authorized the voters of the county to choose a site for a new court-house, the freeholders and householders, who alone enjoyed the suffrage, were summoned by the justices to meet at the old court-house, on an appointed day, to declare their preference. Source: Northumberland County Records, vol. 1652-66, p. 188. Join our blog, Virginia Historical Tidbits

Northampton County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

  • Marriages to 1699
Digital Images of Wills 1640-1645
  • Burdett, Francis
  • Burdett, William
  • Chapman, Phillip
  • Drieu, Julia Ann
  • Holloway, John
  • Neale, John
  • Newton, Robert
  • Travellor, George
  • Walburn, John
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Orders, Wills, Inventories, 1640 to 1645 (colonial-style handwriting)
  • Index to Orders, Wills, Inventories, 1645 to 1651 (colonial-style handwriting)
Miscellaneous Wills and Estates
  • Dixon, Benjamin, Inventory dated 1772
  • Dixon, John, LWT dated 1764
  • Dixon, John, 1799 Inventory
  • Dixon, John, LWT dated 1764. Includes Accounts of Mary, Sarah and Thomas Dixon, children of John, deceased.
  • Dixon, John, LWT dated 1774
  • Dixon, Tilney, LWT dated 1764, Book 23, p. 172
  • Dixon, Tilney, Inventory dated 1764
  • Dixon, Tilney, Estate and Inventory dated 1764
  • Dixon, Tilney, LWT dated 1770; appraisement
  • Dixon, Tilney, Estate dated 1776
  • Dixon, William, Estate Returns, Inventory, etc. dated 1772
  • Dunton, Sophia, 1778 Estate
  • Evans, Esther, appraisement 1778, Book 23, p. 194
  • Johnson, Powell, Estate (1774)
  • Wilkins, Sarah, Estate 1777

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