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Images of Old Brunswick Co. VA Wills

Brunswick County, Virginia Court House Records on Virginia Pioneers

Brunswick Court HouseBrunswick County was created in 1720 and was named after the House of Brunswick which had assumed the throne of England in 1714. The first settlement was Fort Christanna and the county seat today is Lawrenceville, Virginia. Some of the earliest settlers were Joseph Dunman, James Lunday, William Lucas, Francis Parham, Charles Ross, Richard Massey and Matthew Marshall.

Digital Images of Wills
  • Brunswick County Wills, 1739 to 1750

  • Testators: George Brewer; John Brockwell; Abraham Burton; John Chapman; John Clemons; John Cooke; Edmund Denton; Joseph Denman; Graves Eaves; Newman Harper; Francis Harris; Elizabeth Hicks (2); Robert Hicks; Robert Hill; John Huggins; William Huggiins; John Humphris; Ambrose Jackson; John Jackson; Ralph Jackson; William Jackson; Sampson Lanier; Thomas Lanier; William Lucas (3); James Lunday; Mary Maclin; Matthew Marshall; Richard Massey; John Mitchell; John Nipper; Francis Parham; Charles Ross; Bartholomew Rovardes; Thomas Stroud; Edward Tatum; James Turner; Richard Wood; Abraham Phenix; Abrauahm Vaughan; B urrell B rown; David Cummins;Eleanor DeLoach; Frances Wyche; Joseph Park; Miachel Wall; Richard Ransom; Richard Smith; Richard Vaughan; Robert Christie; Robert Cooke; Sarah Clanton and William DeLoach.
  • Brunswick County Wills 1751-1761

  • Testators: Adams, William; Balley, Waters; Bennit, James;Bettle, John;Betty, John;Brewer, George; Brook, John;Cassell, Thomas;Clack, James;Clack, Sterling; Clarke, Nathaniel;Clarke, Samuel;Collier, William;Collins, Thomas;Craft, Thomas;Croker, John;Davis, John;Denton, Edward; Denton, Sarah;Denton, William;Dickerson, Metcalf;Elzey, John; Evans, Charles;Evans, Elizabeth;Evans, John; Farrington, John; Hammond, William;Harwell, Thomas;Hayes, Charles;Hensley, Joseph; Hicks, James;Hynds, Robert; Ingram, John; Jackson, Daniel; Jackson, Thomas Sr.;Johnson, William;Jordan, James;King, Charles Sr.;Leashley, William;Ledbetter, Henry;Lee, William;Lightfoot, John;Lipsey, William;Lucas, David;Mabry, Hinchia Jr.;Maclin, William;McKnight, William;Mitchell, Thomas;Moore, John; Nipper, Anne;Parrish, James;Powell, Thomas;Powell, William; Procter, Robert;Randall, John;Scoggan, William;Smith, Ambrus; Snapsing, Joseph;Stuart, Charles;Thomas, Thomas;Tomlinson, William;Tooke, John;Wall, John;Wall, John (2);Wallace, Susanna; Ward, John;Whittington, Mary;Whittington, William; Williams, Thomas; Wyche, Peter; Wyse, William
  • Brunswick County Wills, 1764-1769

  • Baker, Robert;Blayton, Elizabeth;Britt, Henry;Bruce, James; Cato, Burwell;Denton, Elizabeth;Dowsing, William;Durham, George; Ezell, William;Francis, William;Gordon, Charles;Gordon, John; Harwell, John;Howard, John;Jones, Charles; Lambert, Hugh; Lindsey, William;Maclin, James;Nevison, John;Oliver, John; Oliver, Lucy;Peterson, John;Seabon, Liswell;Seward, Benjamin; Short, William Sr.;Simmons, Henry;Simmons, Peter; Smith, Christopher; Spicer, James;Stewart, James;Upchurch, James; Walker, Freeman;Walton, George;Williamson, Exum; Willis, John; Willis, Mildred
  • Brunswick County Wills, 1783-1785

  • Testators: Charles Oldham, Edward Taylor, Henry Chambles, James Fisher, James Hobbs, James Howeston, James Upchurch, John Dobbins, Joseph Hambleton, Joseph Wilks, Lewis Charles, Moses Inagram, Richard Ramsey, William Holloday.

Brunswick County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

  • Brunswick County Marriages 1750 to 1861
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Brunswick County Wills and Debentures, 1739-1750
  • Index to Brunswick County Wills, Inventories, Accounts, 1751-1769
  • Index to Brunswick County Wills, 1783-1785
Miscellaneous Wills, Estates
    Miscellaneous Images
    • Adams, William, orphans of, Order Book 12
    • Allen, Anne, LWT (unrecorded)
    • Brumbelow, Francis, LWT
    • Hicks, James, Order Book 12
    • Hurst, Judith, Order Book 12
    • Johnson, William, Order Book 12
    • Jones, William, Order Book 12
    • Leftwich, Thomas (1784)
    • Love, Hugh (1780)
    • Martin, William, Order Book 12
    • McFarlane, Benjamin (1784)
    • Miller, John Michael (1784)
    • Mize, Edith, Order Book 12
    • Moon, Jacob (1784)
    • Moore, William vs. John Ingram, Order Book 12
    • Parker, Thomas (1784)
    • Parten, Lucy, LWT
    • Patey, Salley, bastard children of (1784)
    • Ray, Benjamin, son of Edith Mize, Order Book 12
    • Thompson, Frederick, orphan of Joanna Thompson, Order Book 12
    • Trigg, William and John (1784)
    • Turner to Turner, Gift Deed
    • Vinson, Thomas, Order Book 12
    • Walker, Amos, William and Joseph, sons of Rebecca, Order Book 12

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