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The county seat is Staunton, Virginia. Augusta County was formed in 1738 from Orange County; it was named after the Princess of Wales, Augusta (of Saxe-Gotha), mother of King George III of the United Kingdom. Originally, Augusta County was a vast territory with an indefinite western boundary and this explains why the genealogist locates a vast supply of records in this early county and why research should include that the States of West Virginia and Kentucky were taken from it.

Digital Images of Augusta County Wills 1745 to 1753
Ahres, Simon
Anderson, Isaac
Baxter, Andrew
Bell, James
Bohanan, Jean
Boyd, Andrew
Brock, Rudal
Bumgarner, John
Campbell, Gilbert
Clendening, Archibald
Cook, Patrick
Cotner, Peter
Cowden, William
Crocket, Robert
Crockett, Samuel
Cumberland, John
Davison, Robert
Denniston, Daniel
Dobikin, John
Fulton, James
Galaghar, Charles
Gibson, Daniel
Goldman, Jacob
Griffie, Mathusalem
Hays, John
Hill, William
Hodge, Elizabeth
James, William
Jamison, William
Johnson, John
King, Robert
Kirkham, Robert
Lusk, Nathan
Magill, William
McKay, Robert Sr.
McCleary, Alexander
Moore, Andrew
Moore, David
Noble, John
Patterson, John
Reese, Thomas
Robison, James
Rothgab, John Jacob
Ruddle, John Jr.
Rutledge, John
Scott, James
Sayers, Robert
Scott, Samuel
Sharp, Mathew
Thorn, Henry
Thompson, Mathew
Wiley, John
Woodley, John

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