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Virginia Families Traced on Virginia

A List of Traced Families and Genealogies

  1. Abbott of Halifax County
  2. Adair, Ancient family from ca 1300 (video included)
  3. Adams of Halifax County
  4. Adkins
  5. Alderson of Greenbrier, Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties
  6. Alexander of Campbell County, some descendants of Robert Alexander, deputy clerk 1772 to 1782. His descendants held this office for more than 30 years; includes photos.
  7. Allen
  8. Allen of Lunenburg County
  9. Alley of Washington County
  10. Ancient Families of the British Isles (book by Jeannette Holland Austin); the whole book now on Virginia Traced back to the 11th century!
    Adair, Adare of Scotland, Ireland, South Carolina, Georgia
    Albini, de Albini, de Aubigny of Normandy and Sussex, England (video included)
    Bacon, Bacunsthorp of Norfolk, England and Virginia
    Badlesmere, de Badlesmere of Kent (video included)
    Beaumont, de Beaumont of Normandy
    Belconger, Conger of Norfolk, England, and New Jersey
    Bigod, de Bigod of Norfolk
    Bohun, de Bohun of Normandy
    Braose, de Braose, de Bras of Brittany and Sussex
    Burgh, deBurgh of Ireland
    Camp, Campe of Essex, England, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia
    Cantilupe, de Cantelu of Normandy
    Clare, de Clare of Normandy, Ireland, Wales
    Cobb, Cobbs of Romney Marsh, Kent, England; Virginia, Georgia
    Columbers, Columbiers, de Columbers of Calvados, Bayeaux, Normandy
    Dutton, de Dutton of Cheshire, Lancashire
    Despencer, de le Spencer of Normandy and Worcestershire, England
    FitzAlan of Shropshire
    Hastings, de Hastings of Norfolk
    Haydock, Haydocke of Lancashire
    Honywood, Honeywood of Kent
    Holande, Holand of Lancashire and Kent
    Lacie, de Lavie, de Lacy, de Laci of Cheshire and Lincolnshire
    Molines, Molyneux, de Moulins, Mullenax of Sefton, Lancashire
    Montecute, de Montecute of Somerset and Oxfordshire
    Morley, de Morley of Scotland and England
    Mortimer, de Mortimer of Normandy and Hereford, England
    Peachy, Peachie of Mildenhall, Suffolk
    Ros, Ross, de Roos of Yorkshire
    Someri, de Someri of Worcestershire
    Stafford, de Stafford of Staffordshire
    Swynnerton of Staffordshire
    Tilghman, Tillman of England, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia
    Touchet, de Touchet of Cheshire
    Tregoz, de Tregoz of Normandy
    Vere, de Vere of Essex
  11. Anthony
  12. Anderson. Descendants of Richard Anderson from 1635. (includes video)
  13. Anderson of Bedford and Campbell Counties, some descendants of George Anderson, from about 1742.
  14. Applewhaite of Isle of Wight
  15. Arnold of Bedford County
  16. Arthur of Bedford County
  17. Atkinson
  18. Aycock
  19. Bacon, traced to ancient family ca 1400 to New Kent County, Virginia (video included)
  20. Bagwell
  21. Baker of "the Bucklands" (video included)
  22. Bandy of Tazewell County
  23. Banks
  24. Barksdale of Halifax County
  25. Barron
  26. Bayne or Bayer of Westmoreland County
  27. Baynham of Halifax County
  28. Bass
  29. Bassett of New Kent County
  30. Bassett of James City and Henry Counties li>Batte
  31. Beckham
  32. Bell of Northampton Co.
  33. Bennett of Isle of Wight and Nansemond Counties
  34. Berkeley of Hanover County
  35. Berry of Ireland, Virginia and Tennessee
  36. Beverley, Sir Robert
  37. Bird of Virginia and Georgia
  38. Bird of Shenandoah County
  39. Blackwell
  40. Blandford of NJ, VA, GA
  41. Blasser of Pennsylvania and Shenandoah County
  42. Boddie of Essex, England
  43. Bolling of Campbell County, some descendants of Colonel John Bowling, born ca 1700, of the Fluvanna River.
  44. Bond
  45. Bonnell
  46. Booker of Henry County
  47. Bowdoin
  48. Bowman of Shenandoah County and Kentucky
  49. Boyd of New Kent County
  50. Boyette
  51. Boykin of Isle of Wight County
  52. Braswell of Isle of Wight County
  53. Breedlove
  54. Brewer of London and Isle of Wight
  55. Britton of Shenandoah County
  56. Broadnax of Petersburg
  57. Brooke of Montapike
  58. Brooking
  59. Brooks
  60. Buckner
  61. Bullock of Virginia and Georgia
  62. Bullock of Campbell County. Begins with James Bullock of Hanover County.
  63. Bumgardner of Shenandoah County
  64. Burnley of Albemarle County
  65. BurrisBurrowes of Jamestown and Orange County (includes video)
  66. Buster of Albemarle
  67. Butler and Iredell. Written ca 1896, the author details his genealogies through these families, tracing the Jones and ensuring his readers that he was descended from the ancient family of Cadwallader in Wales. Many photographs.
  68. Buttrill
  69. Caldwell of Lunenburg County
  70. Callaway of Bedford and Campbell Counties (video included)
  71. Calmes of Woodford County, Kentucky (video included)
  72. Carr of Albemarle County
  73. Carrington of Halifax County
  74. Carsley
  75. Carson of Washington County and Kentucky (includes video)
  76. Camp of America
  77. Chaffin
  78. Chambliss
  79. Chastain
  80. Cheatham
  81. Chilton of Westmoreland Co.
  82. Claiborne
  83. Clay of Bedford and Campbell Counties
  84. Clay of Isle of Wight
  85. Clemens of Campbell County
  86. Clements
  87. Clemmons
  88. Clopton of York and New Kent Counties
  89. Cocke of Campbell County
  90. Cody
  91. Collier
  92. Collins
  93. Conner
  94. Conway
  95. Cotton of Isle of Wight
  96. Corbin of King and Queen County
  97. Corker of James City and Surry County
  98. Cornwell
  99. Crocker of Isle of Wight
  100. Crockett of Tazewell County
  101. Crosson
  102. Crowley
  103. Council of Isle of Wight
  104. Dabney of Campbell County
  105. Dandridge of New Kent and Hanover Counties
  106. Daniel of Goochland and Albemarle Counties
  107. Daughtrey of Nansemond County
  108. Davie
  109. Davis of York County
  110. Devereaux
  111. Dewberry of VA, NC, GA
  112. Dickson
  113. Dillard of Henry County
  114. Dodson
  115. Dozier
  116. Duke
  117. Dunn
  118. Dyer
  119. Dyer of Henry County
  120. Early of Bedford County
  121. Easley of Halifax County
  122. Eccles/Echols from England to Halifax County
  123. Edmondson
  124. Edmunds of Halifax County
  125. Edwards
  126. Ellis of Henrico County
  127. Ellyson of James City County
  128. Ely
  129. Estes of Henry County
  130. Ewell, Dick
  131. Exum of Isle of Wight Co., and North Carolina
  132. Fairfax of Yorkshire and Fairfax County, Virginia, traced from ca 1099
  133. Faulkner of Halifax County
  134. Fitzpatrick
  135. Fleming
  136. Flournoy of Halifax County
  137. France of Patrick and Henry Counties (video included)
  138. Franklin of Campbell County
  139. Freeman of Henrico County
  140. French of Halifax County
  141. Fulgham of Isle of Wight
  142. Funk of Shenandoah County and Clark County, Kentucky
  143. Garland of Albemarle and Amherst Counties
  144. Garnett of Essex County
  145. Gay
  146. Giles of Isle of Wight County
  147. Goodrich of Isle of Wight County
  148. Gordon
  149. Grant
  150. Gravely of Henry County (video included)
  151. Graves of York and New Kent Counties
  152. Green of Shenandoah County and Kentucky
  153. Gunnells
  154. Hairston of Henry County
  155. Hammack
  156. Hardin of Virginia and Kentucky (includes video)
  157. Harman of Tazewell and Giles Counties
  158. Harrison, genealogy of Benjamin of Berkeley (includes video)
  159. Hatcher
  160. Hatchett
  161. Heard
  162. Heath
  163. Henry (Patrick)
  164. Henry of Accomack County
  165. Henson
  166. Hitt
  167. Hodges of Halifax County
  168. Holbrook
  169. Holladay of Isle of Wight County
  170. Holland of Nansemond County, Virginia
  171. Holland, the ancient family in England and Virginia
  172. Holland, Matthew from ca 1066 A. D. (includes video)
  173. Holland, Sir Thomas, Earl of Kent (includes video)
  174. Holland, Sir Henry, Third Duke of Exeter
  175. Hollingsworth
  176. Hoomes of Caroline County
  177. Hooper
  178. Hopkins
  179. Howell of Isle of Wight County
  180. Hudson of Halifax County
  181. Humphreys of Greenbrier County
  182. Humphries of Surry County
  183. Hunter of Campbell and Lunenburg Counties
  184. Irby of Halifax County
  185. Irvine of Bedford County
  186. Irving of Bedford County
  187. Jackson, Stonewell
  188. Jamison of Dillon�s Mill, Franklin County
  189. Jefferson,Thomas
  190. Jeffries of Halifax County
  191. Jerdone of New Kent County
  192. Johnson, Andrew - President of USA
  193. Jones, descendants of Major Peter Jones.
  194. Jones.Descendants of Richard Jones of Prince Edward County, Virginia by Jeannette Holland Austin.
  195. Jones,descendants of Major Peter Jones.
  196. Jones. A Genealogical History by Colonel Cadwallader Jones includiing families of Edwards, Polk
  197. Jordan
  198. Jordan of Amelia County
  199. Keith (includes video)
  200. Keller of Shenandoah County
  201. Key
  202. Kinchen of Isle of Wight County and NC
  203. Koger of Augusta and Henry Counties
  204. Knott of Nansemond County
  205. Lane
  206. Leathers
  207. Lee, Robert E., Lineage of
  208. Lee of Georgia and Alabama
  209. Leftwich of Bedford, Caroline, Brunswick and Campbell Counties
  210. Lewis of Augusta and Campbell Counties
  211. Lewis
  212. Lewis of New Kent and Hanover Counties
  213. Littleton
  214. Lockett
  215. Loggins
  216. Lybrook of Patrick and Giles Counties
  217. Lyddall
  218. Lynch of Albemarle, Goochland, Bedford and Campbell Counties
  219. Marot
  220. Marshall
  221. Marshall of Isle of Wight County
  222. Mason
  223. Massie
  224. Massie of New Kent and Goochland Counties
  225. Matthews of Henry County and North Carolina
  226. McGee of Scotland, Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri (includes video)
  227. McKinney of Buckingham County
  228. Meaux of New Kent County
  229. Medley of Halifax County
  230. Menefie of Jamestown
  231. Mercer
  232. Meriwether
  233. Mitchell of Henry County
  234. Moon
  235. Nance of Henry County
  236. Neale
  237. Neale of Northumberland County
  238. Neville of Isle of Wight County
  239. Norsworthy of Nansemond County
  240. Norvell of Hanover, Campbell and Amherst Counties
  241. Pannill of Henry County
  242. Patteson of New Kent and Lunenburg Counties
  243. Parker of Cheshire, England and Isle of Wight County
  244. Payne of Pittsylvania County
  245. Peachy
  246. Penn of Caroline County
  247. Penn of Amherst and Henry Counties
  248. Pennybacker of Shenandoah County
  249. Pentecost
  250. Perkins
  251. Percy of Jamestown
  252. Perry
  253. Pitt of England and Isle of Wight County
  254. Porch
  255. Porter
  256. Prentis
  257. Preston
  258. Preston of Campbell County
  259. Prince (includes video)
  260. Pugh of Shenandoah County
  261. Pullen
  262. Raiford
  263. Randolph,John, Virginia
  264. Rawls of Nansemond County
  265. Rees of Suffolk County to South Carolina and Georgia
  266. Richardson of Shenandoah County
  267. Riddick of Nansemont County
  268. Riddleberger of Shenandoah County
  269. Rinker of Shenandoah County
  270. Rootes of King and Queen County
  271. Rucker of Culpeper County
  272. Sailors
  273. Saunders of Princess Anne County
  274. Savage
  275. Savage of Windsor Forest Plantation
  276. Saxon
  277. Sehorn of Shenandoah County
  278. Sherwood
  279. Shields
  280. Slaughter
  281. Smith of Smithfield
  282. Spencer of Henry County
  283. Spotswood
  284. Stanley Genealogy from A. D. 1040
  285. Stapleton
  286. Starling of Mecklenburg and Henry Counties
  287. Stegall
  288. Stone of Henry County
  289. Stovall of Goochland and Henry Counties
  290. Stovall
  291. Strange
  292. Strong
  293. Strother, Tom,servant to General Forrest, Virginia
  294. Stuart, J. E. B. of Henry County
  295. Tabb, John Banister 1849-1909, Virginia
  296. Taliaferro of Essex and New Kent Counties
  297. Tarpley of Williamsburg
  298. Taylor, Zachary 1784-1850, born in Virginia, 12th President of the US
  299. Tennille
  300. Thompson,John R. 1823-1873, Virginia
  301. Thomas
  302. Thomas of Lawndes Creek
  303. Thoroughgood (video included)
  304. Tilghman/Tillman from ca 1275 (video included)
  305. Tipton of Maurertown
  306. Todd of King and Queen County
  307. Tooke of James City (video included)
  308. Toombs
  309. Trent, William Peterfield 1862-, Virginia
  310. Tucker, Beverley 1784-1851, Virginia
  311. Tucker traced from England to Virginia, 11 pp., from ca 1589 (video included)
  312. Tuggle of Henry and Patrick Counties
  313. Tunstall of New Kent County
  314. Tyler, John, President of USA, 1790-1862
  315. Tyree of New Kent and Campbell Counties
  316. Venable of Louisa, Hanover and Campbell Counties
  317. Voss
  318. Wilson of Pittsylvania County
  319. Wade of Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties
  320. Walden of Campbell and Caroline Counties
  321. Waller of Patrick County
  322. Waller of Spotsylvania and Henry Counties
  323. Ware
  324. Watkins of Halifax County
  325. Webb of New Kent County
  326. Wills of Warwick, England and Isle of Wight County
  327. Wilson of Pittsylvania County
  328. Wingfield
  329. Wood. Major-General Abraham Wood, his father and children. 4 pages (video included).
  330. Woodley of Devonshire and Isle of Wight County
  331. Yost of Tazewell County
  332. Wynne from Shrewsbury to Virginia, from ca 1565 (video included)

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