Sunday, June 19, 2011

Your Relatives Can't Remember Dates? Here are some Tips for Genealogists

How many events do you recall with precise accuracy? I dare say, none of us have this art perfected. But we can associate personal or national events with something that we are trying to recall by "association". We have a natural tendency to associate personal events in our lives with common threads. And we need to do this in order to have any sort of accuracy. For most people, date are horrible to remember. My aunt died the year that Kennedy was assassinated. That's easy. I can remember that. In 1993 Atlanta had an early spring during the first week. It was so beautifully warm that I was convinced that spring had arrived. I moved all of my summer clothes back into the closet. But then, a surprise. It snowed. Thus, when we speak to relatives about the ancestors, we can joggle their memories in this fashion.

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