Thursday, June 23, 2011

The First Settlers to Jamestown

The Virginia Company of London delivered the first supply ships to Jamestown beginning in 1607. In 1619, 120 persons went. During the year of 1620, 51, 200, 40, 36, 200, 71 and 153, 300 and 300 persons were sent on separate ships. The entrepreneural undertaking lasted a number of years even during 1622, the time of Powhatan's massacre of colonists on the Virginia peninsula. News reached London after another vessel was sent to the colony. Many persons did not survive in the colony, even before the massacre. A good many of these groups of persons were vagrants taken off the streets of London who were indentured to those who paid their own passage. Virginia Pioneers is in the process of gathering information of the first voyages.

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