Saturday, June 25, 2011

Discovering where to Search in England

A study of 17th century wills and estates in Virginia often reveals the origin of that person. The reason is, the first settlers had estates and relatives in England. A clue is when he names the parish, such as St. Martin's in the Fields, London. Now is a time to take out a map of London and zero in on that location. Now, you will want to read the parish register from it's earliest date and write down those surnames of interest to you. You can expect to find christening dates (usually not the date of birth, but soon thereafter). Also, marriages. And don't forget to look at the Deaths. All of this information will assist you in taking the genealogy back further. You need to know a little history here. For example, one of Henry VIII's wives finally gave birth to a son, called Edward (died young). She was near death, but he insisted that the child be christened immediately (same day as birth).
One never knows the exact birth date.

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