Thursday, November 4, 2010

Finding Nansemond County Records

Everyone who has researched old Nansemond County knows that the records burned before 1800. That's 300 years of vital data! Also, that there is no longer a county by that name. It has been converged into the City of Suffolk. When I last visited Suffolk, the clerks at the court house did not know where the Nansemond County records were housed. This is becoming a familiar pattern in court houses. This generation of employees is uninformed. So where are the records? They are putting them into off-site storage buildings. The Virginia State Archives has collected old will books from just about every court house, so you have to visit there. They also have these records on microfilm which is far easier to view than to lift and examine heavy books.

A miscellaneous collection of Nansemond County wills (abstracts) is found on Virginia Also, marriages found in the adjoining county of Gates County, North Carolina. We are interested in discovering any information which relates to this county and thus are examining other counties.

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