Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Virginia Family Sketches Added

The following genealogies have been added to Virginia Pioneers

Adams of Halifax County;Adkins;Alexander of Campbell County, some descendants of Robert Alexander, deputy clerk 1772 to 1782. His descendants held this office for more than 30 years; includes photos; ;Allen;Allen of Lunenburg County;Anthony;Anderson. Descendants of Richard Anderson from 1635;Anderson of Bedford and Campbell Counties, some descendants of George Anderson, from about 1742; Applewhaite of Isle of Wight;Arnold of Bedford County;Atkinson;Aycock;Bacon, traced to ancient family ca 1400 to New Kent County, Virginia;Bagwell;Baker of Isle of Wight;Banks;Barksdale of Halifax County;Barron;Bayne or Bayer of Westmoreland County;Baynham of Halifax County;Bass;Bassett of New Kent County;Batte;Beckham;Bell of Northampton Co.;Bennett of Isle of Wight and Nansemond Counties;Berkeley of Hanover County;Berry of Ireland, Virginia and Tennessee;Bird;Blackwell;Blandford of NJ, VA, GA;Boddie of Essex, England;Bolling of Campbell County, some descendants of Colonel John Bowling, born ca 1700, of the Fluvanna River;Bond;Bonnell;Bowdoin;Boyd of New Kent County;Boyette;Boykin of Isle of Wight County;Braswell of Isle of Wight County;Breedlove;Brewer of London and Isle of Wight;Broadnax of Petersburg;Brooke of Montapike;Brooking;Brooks;Buckner;Bullock of Virginia and Georgia;Bullock of Campbell County. Begins with James Bullock of Hanover County;Butler and Iredell.Written ca 1896, the author details his genealogies through these families, tracing the Jones and ensuring his readers that he was descendedfrom the ancient family of  Cadwallader in Wales. Many photographs.;Buttrill;Caldwell of Lunenburg County;Callaway of Bedford and Campbell Counties;Carrington of Halifax County;Carsley; Camp of America;Chaffin;Chambliss;Chastain;Cheatham;Chilton of Westmoreland Co. ;Claiborne;Clay of Bedford and Campbell Counties;Clay of Isle of Wight;Clemens of Campbell County;Clements;Clemmons;Clopton of York and New Kent Counties;Cocke of Campbell County;Cody;Collier;Collins;Conner;Conway;Cotton of Isle of Wight;Corbin of King and Queen County;Corker of James City and Surry County;Cornwell;Crocker of Isle of Wight;Crosson;Crowley;Council of Isle of Wight;Dabney of Campbell County;Daniel of  Goochland and Albemarle Counties;Daughtrey of Nansemond County;Davie;Davis of York County;Devereaux;Dewberry of VA, NC, GA;Dickson;Dodson;Dozier;Duke;Dunn;Dyer;Early of Bedford County;Easley of Halifax County;Edmondson;Edmunds of Halifax County;Edwards;Ellis of Henrico County;Ellyson of James City County
;Ely;Ewell, Dick;Exum of Isle of Wight Co., and North Carolina;Faulkner of Halifax County;Fitzpatrick;Fleming ;Flournoy of Halifax County;Franklin of Campbell County;Freeman of Henrico County;French of Halifax County;Fulgham of Isle of Wight;Garland of Albemarle and Amherst Counties;Garnett of Essex County;Gay;Giles of Isle of Wight County;Goodrich of Isle of Wight County;Gordon;Grant;Graves of York and New Kent Counties;Gunnells;Hammack;Harrison, genealogy of President Benjamin.;Hatcher;Hatchett;Heard;Heath;Henry (Patrick);Henry of Accomack County;Henson;Hitt;Hodges of Halifax County;Holbrook;Holladay of Isle of Wight County;Holland of Nansemond County;Holland, the ancient family in England and Virginia;Hollingsworth;Hoomes of Caroline County;Hooper;Hopkins;Howell of Isle of Wight County;Hudson of Halifax County;Humphreys of Greenbrier County;Humphries of Surry County;Hunter of Campbell and Lunenburg Counties;Irby of Halifax County;Irvine of Bedford County;Irving of Bedford County;Jackson, Stonewell;Jamison of Dillon’s Mill, Franklin County;Jefferson,Thomas;Jeffries of Halifax County;Jerdone of New Kent County;Johnson, Andrew - President of USA
;Jones, descendants of Major Peter Jones;Jones.Descendants of Richard Jones of Prince Edward County, Virginia by Jeannette Holland Austin.
;Jones,descendants of Major Peter Jones;Jones.  A Genealogical History by Colonel Cadwallader Jones includiing families of Edwards, Polk
;Jordan;Jordan of Amelia County;Keith;Key;Kinchen of Isle of Wight County and NC;Knott of Nansemond County;Lane;Leathers;Lee, Robert E., Lineage of;Lee of Georgia and Alabama;Leftwich of Bedford, Caroline, Brunswick and Campbell Counties;Lewis of Augusta and Campbell Counties
;Lewis;Lewis of New Kent and Hanover Counties;Littleton;Lockett;Loggins
;Lyddall;Lynch of Albemarle, Goochland, Bedford and Campbell Counties
;Marot;Marshall;Marshall of Isle of Wight County;Mason;Massie;Massie of New Kent and Goochland Counties;McKinney of Buckingham County;Meaux of New Kent County;Medley of Halifax County;Mercer;Meriwether;Moon;Neale;Neale of Northumberland County;Neville of Isle of Wight County;Norsworthy of of Nansemond County;Norvell of Hanover, Campbell and Amherst Counties;Patteson of New Kent and Lunenburg Counties;Parker of Cheshire, England and Isle of Wight County;Payne of Pittsylvania County;Peachy;Penn of Caroline County;Pentecost;Perkins;Perry;Pitt of England and Isle of Wight County;Porch;Porter;Prentis;Preston;Preston of Campbell County;Prince;Pullen;Raiford;Randolph,John, Virginia;Rawls of Nansemond County;Rootes of King and Queen County;Rucker of Culpeper County;Sailors;Saunders of Princess Anne County;Savage;Savage of Windsor Forest Plantation;Saxon;Sherwood;Shields;Slaughter;Smith of Smithfield;Spotswood;Stanley Genealogy from A. D. 1040;Stapleton;Stegall;Stovall;Strange;Strong ; Strother, Tom,servant to Gen. Forrest, Virginia;Tabb, John Banister 1849-1909, Virginia
;Taliaferro of Essex and New Kent Counties; Tarpley of Williamsburg
;Taylor, Zachary 1784-1850, born in Virginia, 12th President of the US
;Tennille;Thompson,John R. 1823-1873, Virginia;Thomas;Thomas of Lawndes Creek;Thoroughgood;Tillman;Todd of King and Queen County;Tooke of James City;Toombs;Trent, William Peterfield 1862-, Virginia;Tucker, Beverley 1784-1851, Virginia;Tyler, John, President of USA, 1790-1862;Tyree of New Kent and Campbell Counties;Tucker traced from England to Virginia, 11 pp.;Tunstall of New Kent County;Venable of Louisa, Hanover and Campbell Counties;Voss;Wilson of Pittsylvania County;Wade of Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties;Walden of Campbell and Caroline Counties;Ware;Watkins of Halifax County;Webb of New Kent County;Wills of Warwick, England and Isle of Wight County;Wilson of Pittsylvania County;Wingfield;Wood. Major-General Abraham Wood, his father and children. 4 pages;Woodley of Devonshire and Isle of Wight County

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Hello! I am interested in one of the Virginia Family Sketches you listed, namely "Wills of Warwick, England and Isle of Wight County".

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