Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Struggles of Virginians

If our relatives of the past were here today, we would be aware of their trials ans sufferings. So, let us put the setting back 300 years ago - when the country was first colonized. It was no small thing to uproot families and transport them across vast seas to a wilderness land. One such person was Gabriell Holland who came in 1620 on the Supply ship to Jamestown, Virginia. He brought with him his English roots and the dream of prosperity and was doubtless that he would have to fight for his very life two years later. Powhatan was chieftan of a vicious tribe of Indians who were always at war with neighboring tribes and the white man was an unwelcome surprise. The first settlers at Jamestown were always under attack until finally, about 1622, Powhatan bloodied the entire Virginia peninsula by massacring white men. Among those murdered was Gabriell�s brother, Richard. Jeannette Holland Austin published a book in 1988 on the entire subject, tracing the family from 1000 to 1988 A. D. The book quickly sold out and was not reprinted. However, it is available online to members of Virginia Pioneers

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