Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ancient Families to Virginia

Many Virginians came from England and the British Isles to settle in the new country. Once here, they held important official offices such as burgesses, royal governors, etc. Genealogists researching their American roots have to consider the original thirteen colonies. Virginia, founded in 1604, has a vast collection of colonial records. Many Colonials paid their own passage to the new country, bringing with them family members and servants, for which they received land grants. So, expect to find that many families were titled and descend from the royal houses of Europe and came to Virginia as adventurers. is in the process of collecting and publishing many ancient genealogies connected to Virginia families and hope to add many more in the coming weeks. We have added the following ancient family genealogies and records to Virginia Pioneers

ANCIENT FAMILIES CONNECTED TO VIRGINIANS...citations from English Records. Names included so far: Audley, Ellis, Babb, Bacon, Ball, Boys, Burley, Barnard, Baxter, Bridge, Cary, Chestwood, Chinn, Cody, Cobin, Cutler, Digges, Driver, Ducane, Famsterwick, Grendon, Honeywood, Lamp, Littleton, Maddock, Matthews, Nicholson, Reeve, Richards, Strachey, Veheath, Vesey, Younge and Wyeth. More to come.

ANCIENT FAMILIES FROM THE BRITISH ISLES TO VIRGINIA. These are ancient genealogies which have Virginia connections. Cocke of Shropshire; Chiefs Colquhoun of Scotland; Molyneux/Mullenax of Lancastershire; Nicholson of Suffolk; Yuille (Yowell) of Dumbarton, Scotland

Jeannette Holland Austin, author of over 100 genealogy books
Virginia Pioneers

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