Thursday, January 14, 2010

IPhones: Genealogy On-the-Go

I recently purchased an iphone and have to say that it really helps me.  I have 8 websites and am able to look at all of the databases from the palm of my hand.  I am always there, researching somewhere, at the archives, libraries, etc. When I think of something, I check the websites to see if I already have the information. Also, I am a history addict and am always gleaning facts.  I have been adding digital images to Georgia Pioneers for sometime now, and am always referencing them, looking up information! The collection of records for Virginia Pioneers and South Carolina Pioneers and North Carolina Pioneers consist essentially of will abstracts, but the sites also contain genealogies and many other databases.

Tracing family history is very easy now. Everyone should get an iphone.  All of the above websites are mobile friendly and easy to use.  Check it out!

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