Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Robert E. Lee of Virginia

The Beloved Robert E. Lee by Jeannette Holland Austin

Lee MonumentI have been to the capitol in Richmond, Virginia a number of times and viewed the statue of Robert E. Lee. Also, there are several life-style busts and statues of him inside the rotunda, one of him a younger man astride his horse. These busts are worth reviewing because life busts were made by the artist and what you are viewing is the true likeness. The feeling which southerners have for this Confederate General lives on. He was far more adored than Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederancy. From old diaries and letters, we discover why.  Lee was the consumate gentleman of his day, a man of integrity, caring, unselfish. One story of many such is told of one of his soldiers noting a purse on the battlefield asked if he could have it, Lee replied “ "It is not yours. Leave it."”The Lee family goes back to England and has been traced back to the sixteen hundreds. This genealogy is on Virginia Pioneers and includes the photo of an old oil painting of the immigrant, Richard Henry Lee.  Many persons have had me trace their Lee heritage, believing that they were descendants of Robert E. Lee or Lighthorse Harry Lee. To date, as far as I can tell, the descendants remained in Virginia. 

This monument was erected in Richmond, Virginia as a memorial of the Southern people to General Robert E. Lee.

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