Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free Genealogy Ezine to All Researchers

Subscribe to Lost Generations, a Free Genealogy Ezine or Newsletter which provides helpful articles and tips to family researchers.
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Published once a week, this ezine is sent directly to your email address. Included is free advertising for genealogists, even if you simply want to advertise your website. Articles by Jeannette Holland Austin, author of over 100 genealogy books, on how to breakdown the strongest brickwalls. If you want to stay informed on what is being added to the Pioneer websites of GA, SC, NC, VA, TN and KY, the addition of new material is provided here. Lost Generation Articles, etc. The subscription list of this popular ezine is currently 12,000. The reason for its popularity is that it also provides information as to the names of persons in various counties having wills and testaments and estates. Even if you do not join any of the websites listed below, you reap the benefit of knowing where the ancestors resided and whether or not there is will, genealogy, or what have you. Georgia Pioneers South Carolina Pioneers North Carolina Pioneers Virginia Pioneers TN Pioneers Kentucky Pioneers

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