Monday, December 24, 2007

New Additions to Virginia Pioneers During 2007


Barron, 1 pp.
Batte, 2 pp.
Bell of Northampton County, 2 pp.
Brent of Westmoreland County,3 pp.
Chilton of Westmoreland County, 2 pp.
Claiborne,3 pp.
Conway of Lancaster & King George Counties, 3 pp.
Edwards of Brunswick County, 2 pp.
Eley of Nansemond & Isle of Wight Counties, 2 pp.
Ewell of Lancaster County, 2 pp.
Garnett of Essex County, 1 pp.
Henry of Richmond, 3 pp.
Hollingsworth of Frederick Co.
Jones. A Genealogical History by Colonel Cadwallader Jones includiing families of Edwards, Polk, Davie, Green, Butler and Iredell. Written ca 1896, the author details his genealogies through these families, tracing the Jones back to Virginia, and ensuring his readers that he was cescended from the ancient family of Cadwallader in Wales. Many photographs. 73 plus pp.
Jones, descendants of Major Peter Jones, 2 pp.
Jones. Descendants of Richard Jones of Prince Edward County Virginia by Jeannette Holland Austin.Emigrant
Marot of Williamsburg, 1 pp.
Marshall of Westmoreland County, 5 pp.
Massie of New Kent County, 3 pp.
Meriwether, 4 pp.
Neale, 2 pp.
Peachy of Richmond County, 1 pp.
Prentis of Williamsburg, 2 pp.
Randolph of Turkey Island, 3 pp.
Savage of Northampton County, 2 pp.
Sherwood of Old Rappahannock County, 2 pp.
Shields/Sheildes, 1 pp.
Slaughter, 1 pp.
Spotswood, 3 pp.
Tarpley, 5 pp.
Thoroughgood, 1 pp.
Wood. Major-General Abraham Wood, his father and children. 4 pages .


The Beverley Patent of 1736 (includes a detailed map of residents of Augusta and Orange Counties

Revolutionary War Pensions

Heth, Henry
Holland, Sarah, widow of Drury Holland
Richards, William
Roberts, Samuel
Shields, Rachel, widow of James Shields
Tankersley, George
Wills & Estates (Images)
Brantley, Edward (1739) of Isle of Wight County
Cheatwood, Thomas, estate, Lancaster County
Gent, John (1728) of Isle of Wight County
Jones, Jacob (1727) of Isle of Wight County
Sims, John, etc. Louisa Co. deed of John Sims, etc., custody issue (1745)
Walton, John of Hanover County
Whitlock, James of Prince Edward County

Will Abstracts

Powhatan Co. Court Minutes of 1787 and 1796

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